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What Was Toby Keith’s First Car? All About the Country Star’s First Ride

What Was Toby Keith’s First Car? All About the Country Star’s First Ride

Toby Keith proved to be a quite prolific songwriter throughout his long career, but he also enjoyed collecting cars. Keith built up an impressive personal collection of automobiles over the years. And Keith’s beloved fans simply ate up knowing more about it.

By talking and sharing about his love for cars, Toby Keith found himself being accepted by fellow gearheads. Working on cars, tweaking engines, or giving it a new polish just comes with the territory.

It’s funny when fans are asked to guess what was Keith’s first car, they do their best. The selected guesses are all over the place, yet people have a good time with it. Keith, who died on Monday from stomach cancer at 62, filled in the blanks about his first car in this video.

But we’ll hear from Keith’s fans with their own choices.

Toby Keith’s First Car Was a Ford F-100 Truck

OK Toby Keith, fill us in on what that first car was like. “My first car was a ’73, 3-speed, 6-cylinder, F-100 Ford pickup,” he said in an interview. “I burned the tires off of it. It was my high school pickup.”

Looking at some of the specs around this truck, it appears that this Ford was part of a “new generation” of trucks. Blue Oval Tech indicated that these trucks had more interior space than ever before. Highlights presented in the Ford F-series of trucks included a wider, more square front end. A higher center of gravity and longer wheelbase were among the upgrades included in the 1973 Ford F-series.

But the 1973 Ford F-series adjusted where the fuel storage tank was located. It was moved to beneath the body and between its frame rails. With this move, the truck gets more room inside the cabin. The glove box space increased tremendously, too.

Getting more space in these trucks for passengers made this truck worthy of a purchase. Obviously, the country star saw something in the truck to get it for himself. Little did Toby Keith probably know that this truck would be the first one in a growing car collection.

For three decades, Keith wowed his fans through his records and live concerts. They flocked to see him in concert settings and at a Las Vegas residency. Toby Keith provided his fans with a lot to remember with his performances, too. There’s no doubt that he was his own man.

Top Selling Hits, Records Keep Keith’s Memory Alive

His impressive number of top hits and top-selling records kept Toby Keith atop the country music charts. His songwriting abilities would bring tears to fans’ eyes at times. When an artist connects with fans like Keith did, there’s a bond that will remain for lifetimes.

While we’ve pointed out which car was Toby Keith’s first one, well, which one was his favorite? As it turns out, Keith talked about it while visiting with rock legend Sammy Hagar for Hagar’s Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar TV show.

Both men walked around Toby Keith’s car collection in his garage. When they came across his 1969 Mustang Mach 1, 428 Cobra Jet, Keith said that was his favorite. The car was painted in a candy apple color, which helped it stand out when on the road.

Inside this roadway bad boy is a Cobra Jet V8 engine, which made the Mustang hum along just fine. Also, this engine was quite popular with drag racers of the day. Those car owners would put the Cobra Jet V8 inside their automobiles and be ready to rumble. Well, at least take part in a street drag race.

We don’t know if Keith took his prized baby out for some racing. But his love and commitment toward his automobiles reflected his own outlook on songwriting. Keith moved on from his oil rigging days to earning praise and awards from the country music world.

His fans will miss seeing him or hearing new music from Keith. They, though, can hold Toby Keith’s words and music close to their hearts, and fellow car aficionados can celebrate one of their own by enjoying his collection forever.