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What Happened to the Munster Koach? Here’s Where the Munsters’ Car is Today

What Happened to the Munster Koach? Here’s Where the Munsters’ Car is Today

While The Munsters provided a lot of laughs during its two-season run on CBS, gearheads fell in love with the Munster Koach. Come on, now. You’ve seen the family tricked-up car before. Either Herman (Fred Gwynne) or Grandpa (Al Lewis) were taking their place behind the wheel.

All that’s good, but maybe there are some people interested in going to see this car. The Munster Koach is alive and well, sitting comfortably as part of the Volo Auto Museum in Volo, Illinois. George Barris of Barris Customs has given the museum a letter of authenticity. Of course, there may be some cars out there claiming to be the Koach.

Barris, though, puts the squash on those claims. There’s only one Munster Koach and it’s residing in Illinois these days. We don’t have an update on Grandpa’s DRAG-U-LA that was featured in Hot Rod Herman, but we’ll look into it.

‘The Munsters’ Car Was Tricked Out

Let’s talk about the Munster Koach’s insides under the hood. Its engine is a 289 AC Cobra, which was bored out to 425ci. Builders added, among other things, Jahns high-compression pistons, an Isky camshaft, 10 chromed Carter carburetors, and Bobby Barr race headers.

Barris Customs also added a four-speed manual transmission that transmits power to the rear axle. With all of this work done, a driver could go out and race in this car. Car colors shape up with Black Pearl as the important one over Blood Red.

Yet both offer their unique color combination. Besides the colors, additional details include gold drapes and tassels, white spider webs on the Koach’s windshield, and some gas lights up front as well. This car is tricked out, ready for fans to ogle over it.

Let’s look at the key parts of the car. Three Ford Model Ts were chopped up by Barris Customs en route to produce the Munster Koach. Tom Daniel sketched out the pattern of the car, while Dick and Keith Dean applied themselves to make it all work.

According to Motorius, the speedy car’s brass radiator and fenders were fabricated by hand. In doing the metal scrollwork, 500 man hours went directly to this project. The result is memorable, making the Munster Koach an all-timer among television’s beloved cars.

Solid Cast Helped Bring On The Laughs

Besides Gwynne and Lewis, other cast stars from The Munsters included Yvonne De Carlo as Lily and Pat Priest as Marilyn. Priest joined the show in its second season after Beverly Owen left after one season. Of course, we cannot leave out Butch Patrick, who played precocious Eddie Munster.

Over the years, Patrick has attended a lot of fan conventions. He’s shared memories of working with Gwynne and Lewis, who previously worked together on Car 54, Where Are You? In the years after The Munsters left the network airwaves, it found a new audience in syndication.

From generation to generation, kids grow up laughing at The Munsters‘ family situations. There was a nearly two-hour theatrical movie called Munster, Go Home released during the original show’s run. A reboot series appeared on television for a couple of seasons. Musician-movie director Rob Zombie offered his big-screen retelling of the ghoulish family in 2022.

No matter who brings new or updated ideas around The Munsters, nothing has come close to matching the O.G. series. One thing these other projects don’t have is a solid team of producers and writers. Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, who had previous success with Leave It to Beaver, were this show’s producers. They also had a comedy background as Connelly and Mosher put pen to paper for jokes on Amos ‘n Andy.