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Watch: Joe Rogan Shatters Arrow on New Tesla Cybertruck

Watch: Joe Rogan Shatters Arrow on New Tesla Cybertruck

Joe Rogan put claims of Tesla Cybertruck’s “arrow-proof” exoskeleton to the test recently when Elon Musk made an appearance on his podcast. Musk has made four appearances on the JRE Podcast, with previous episodes in September 2018, May 2020, and February 2021.

During their latest conversation, Rogan issued a challenge to Musk. He proposed that he could pierce the exterior of the Cybertruck with a broadside arrow. This remark followed the Tesla CEO’s proud claim about the truck’s bulletproof capabilities.

”Can I try it with an arrow?” Mr Rogan teased. ”Yeah, it’ll be fine,” Musk replied.  ”Maybe I’ll drive back with an arrow sticking out of my car,” the CEO quipped. ”I bet I can get it in there,” Rogan reasoned. ”I’ll bet you can’t. I’ll bet you a dollar,” said Musk joking back.

Joe Rogan Owes Musk a Dollar…

In a viral video, Joe Rogan tests the Tesla Cybertruck’s durability by shooting an arrow at its tough stainless steel body. The arrow leaves only a minor dent and destroys its arrowhead. In the background, Elon Musk calmly enjoys a cigar before inspecting the vehicle.

During the podcast, Musk emphasized the fact that the Cybertruck will feature steel panels that are resistant to bullets. Additionally, customers will have the option to purchase bulletproof glass for the vehicle. However, the bulletproof windows will be fixed, making it tough to order drive-through, as Rogan pointed out. Musk went on to explain that the panels have already undergone testing with a Tommy gun, a 45-millimeter gun, and a 9-millimeter gun. He also mentioned that the “beast mode” variant of the Cybertruck aims for a target 0-60 mph time of less than three seconds.

The CyberTruck Was Supposed to Roll Out This Month

The Cybertruck, introduced by Tesla in 2019, boasts impressive specifications. With a range of 250-500 miles and an estimated 0 to 60 mph time of 2.9-6.5 seconds, it offers a unique blend of power and efficiency. Made from stainless steel used in rockets, this futuristic-looking electric vehicle features a distinctive geometric design. According to the Tesla website, the Cybertruck provides superior utility compared to traditional trucks while delivering performance akin to a sports car.

Tesla recently announced vehicle deliveries starting on November 30th. However, Elon Musk cautioned about the challenges of scaling up production for this vehicle. He also noted on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the public doesn’t understand the monumental undertaking that mass production is.