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Watch: Car Going 80 MPH Launches and Catches Air, Lands in Florida Canal

Watch: Car Going 80 MPH Launches and Catches Air, Lands in Florida Canal

When out driving near a canal, you never know what you will see and that’s definitely the case down in Florida, too. You can tell that this driver really wasn’t watching where he was going, either. You probably would like to hear his side of the story. We do know that this car was going 80 miles per hour. Once it hits this embankment, though, he’s going to fly through the air. Where does he land? Right smack-dab in the canal.

According to WPLG, Cape Coral Police said a Mercedes was racing a Dodge Challenger down the street. A witness reportedly said the Dodge Challenger driver tried to stop too late. It ran over a palm tree and, thanks to the eagle eyes of witnesses, was filmed going airborne.

Let’s get an up-close-and-personal look at this situation.

Surveillance Cameras Catch Canal Accident On Video

Surveillance cameras were rolling at the time of this accident at the canal. Thankfully, no one got injured.

One local neighbor says a man jumped into the canal water. Why? Because the injured driver needed to be cut out of his car. Several other residents in the area came out to help.

The video should be a warning to those drivers who think they can get away with a road race contest. Besides, the end result might be cool but what about those pesky consequences?

Let’s not kid ourselves, though. Firstly, these types of road races will continue, even with a canal nearby. Secondly, drivers will want to push the envelope as far as they can. Unfortunately, they could end up getting caught in the act. And finally, if they don’t watch out, the end result will not be good.

Florida Among Top States For Car Accidents

It’s truly a miracle that no one died from this crash. And it could quickly have happened in Florida, one of three states that lead the country in fatal car crashes. Texas, California, and Florida, which are highly populated states, are the top states for auto accidents. Florida finished 2022 with 3,652 fatal car crashes according to a report from USA Today. Texas led the way with 4,496 fatal auto accidents, while California was No. 2 at 4,407, a pretty close race right there.

Additionally, why are there so many wrecks? One reason, as was previously noted, is the fact that there are a lot of people in these states. With a greater population area comes more drivers. Above all, toss in the fact that a lot of drivers out there might not have driver’s licenses.

Meanwhile, when wrecks happen, that’s only going to up the ante on people getting injured. High-density population areas will be more apt to have road race accidents. Why? Because some people think they can get away with this type of action.