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Toyota Camry is Getting a Major Makeover

Toyota Camry is Getting a Major Makeover

Toyota Camry lovers are ablaze after a mysterious new trailer was dropped by the auto giant teasing that the vehicle will get a new look. At least, that’s what the teaser commercial and press materials imply.

According to Car and Driver, the press release provided limited information, leaving out the name of the model, the release date, and other details apart from an image of the car head-on. The title and caption read, “A New Dawn Is Coming” and “Can you guess what’s on the horizon?”.

This vehicle is clearly a sedan, distinguished by its low nose and roof. The presence of rear-seat headrests confirms it is not a coupe. Toyota intentionally darkened the image, preventing outlets from gaining further insights by adjusting the brightness. Nevertheless, the distinctive headlight signature resembles that of the new Prius.

Regardless, it’s worth noting that the current Camry debuted in 2018, aligning well with a ninth-generation Camry in 2025. As for the Corolla, although it may show its age to some extent, it has received updates, a new hybrid trim, and the GR variant to stay current and appealing. The next-generation Camry is expected to retain the carryover roofline and mirrors, showcasing advancements in mechanical engineering and global platforms. This ensures exceptional component lifespan.

Speculations abound regarding the official debut of the new Camry. With the L.A. auto show just around the corner in November, it appears to be a good opportunity. It is unlikely that a teaser will be released for something much further in the future. As for the potential features of this new Camry, hybridization, all-wheel-drive, and even a switch to the company’s new turbo four-cylinder instead of a V6 are all possibilities to consider.

The Toyota Camry Makeover Will Likely Include Tesla’s EV Connector

Starting in 2025, Toyota and Lexus electric vehicle owners in North America will have the convenience of charging on Tesla’s network. Additionally, the Japanese automaker will begin utilizing Tesla’s EV connector, further enhancing compatibility and accessibility for EV users.

Toyota announced on Thursday that it plans to embrace Tesla’s North American Charging Standard plug-in in just over a year. By 2025, existing Toyota EVs equipped with the Combined Charging System plug. It will have the ability to charge at Tesla stations using an adapter. This move will enhance convenience and accessibility for electric vehicle owners.

Per Yahoo News, Toyota’s partnership with Tesla provides electric vehicle owners in North America with access to over 12,000 Tesla charging stations. This agreement aims to enhance convenience and accessibility for EV users across the region.