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Tiny EV Microlino Lite Sparks Online Frenzy: ‘Steve Urkel is Pumped’

Tiny EV Microlino Lite Sparks Online Frenzy: ‘Steve Urkel is Pumped’

Pictures of the new Microlino Lite EV are causing a buzz on social media, sparking jokes about it being Steve Urkel’s dream wheels. Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt recently shared images of the “cutest little EV you’ve ever seen” on X (formerly Twitter).

Along with some basic stats, Merritt also noted the Microlino Lite could potentially roll out in the United States later this year. However, upon seeing the tiny EV, X users were quick to point out its resemblance to the ride of a favorite throwback sitcom character. “Steve Urkel is Pumped,” an X user replied to Merritt’s post, alongside an image of the Family Matters breakout character standing next to his 1960 BMW Isetta.

X users were beside themselves about how much the Microlino Lite resembles Urkel’s Isetta. “This must be the inspiration behind it!!!,” one user exclaimed. “Holy cow, I forgot about that episode/scene,” another wrote.

The Microlino Lite Draws Comparisons to the BMW Isetta

Indeed, Urkel’s ride of choice did resemble the new Microlino Lite. In the season four episode “Driving Carl Crazy“, Steve Urkel’s uncle Cecil paid him $50 to take the Isetta. Urkel uses the minuscule vehicle to attempt to impress Laura Winslow and get driving lessons from Carl Winslow. The Isetta became a signature prop for Urkel and appeared in multiple episodes. Reportedly, Urkel actor Jaleel White still owns the Isetta used in Family Matters. Maybe the actor should pick up the new EV and park the two side by side in his garage.

Regardless of sitcom nostalgia, not everyone was sold on the tiny EV. “This looks like a death trap. Imagine being hit by something in this. This will not sell well anywhere,” one X user opined. I’d rather have an Isetta from the 50s,” another shrugged. “28 mph top speed? 28? Ah, 28 mph? I guess that is why people thought EV’s were little more than golf carts before Tesla came along,” a hand-wringing X user wrote.

However, another X user pointed out that the Microlino Lite isn’t intended for use on the highway. “This is the Lite version which you can drive with a moped license at the age of 14 in some European countries. The regular version has a top speed of 56 mph,” they wrote.

Microcars like the Microlino Lite target urbanites who prefer convenience in dense cities with narrow streets. Their compact size allows for easy parking and energy-efficient drives. Ideal for city commutes, quick errands, school drop-offs, and pet transportation.