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Tim Allen’s Car Collection Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Tim Allen’s Car Collection Goes to Infinity and Beyond

Comedian Tim Allen doesn’t have a car collection quite as prolific as his peers Jay Leno or Jerry Seinfeld, but he’s bringing up their rears. In the 1990s, Allen found success with the sitcom Home Improvement as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor. The show was a hit throughout the decade, and Allen earned over a million dollars per episode. Turning down a whopping $50M offer to keep the sitcom going, he chose to hit the brakes and shift to his film career and fuel his passion for cars instead.

Of course, the Toy Story star has built up an impressive garage since Home Improvement ended. A couple of years ago, the Peterson Auto Museum did an extensive deep dive into Tim Allen’s car collection.

Allen’s garage is like the warehouse at the end of Raisers of the Lost Ark: crammed with hidden treasures. The car collection is so sprawling, that it had to be broken up into two videos.

Here are a few vintage vehicles from Tim Allen’s car collection that made us grunt like the Toolman…

The Toolman’s 1933 Ford Roadster

While filming Home Improvement, Allen’s 1933 Ford Roadster played a role as a prop for the Toolman, who was depicted as rebuilding it in his workshop. The roadster was equipped with a 350 Motor City flathead. After the show concluded, Allen decided to keep the rebuilt hotrod and include it in his personal collection.

Tim’s 1956 Ford F100

Ford’s F-Series pick-up trucks have been an American street staple since 1948, reigning as the bestselling vehicle for over 40 years. While attending a car auction in Arizona with friends, Allen was captivated by a big-wheeled pick-up boasting a colossal Hemi engine protruding from the hood. He jokingly told his friends he’d buy it purely due to the bargain price of $78,000.

The truck boasts several modifications, including specially designed body panels, a shortened bed, and an extended cab. Under the hood, it houses a powerful crammer crate engine, a Cobra radiator, a custom aluminum-metal matrix driveshaft, and a prototype Ford Racing and Centerforce clutch. It is equipped with high-performance Brembo disc brakes and stylish 18-inch BBS wheels, all wrapped in reliable Goodyear F1 Supercar tires.

Tim’s 1950 Cadillac Sixty Special

In 1938, Cadillac introduced the Sixty Special, a luxurious variant of their top-of-the-line cars. Allen’s model belongs to the fourth generation produced between 1950 and 1953. However, Allen has meticulously restored it, ensuring impeccable performance while preserving its vintage rat rod-style appearance.

The Coolest Muscle Car of Tim Allen Car Collection… 1964 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Following the 409, the Chevelle SS (Super Sport) was introduced. Chevrolet produced 67,085 V8 SS models, featuring vinyl bucket seats, a “deluxe” steering wheel, and a Muncie four-speed transmission. Allen previously owned a bright-orange 1966 Chevelle SS, which was later sold at auction.

Hertz’s Rent-a-Racer program brought fame to the car, offering the opportunity to rent one for a nominal fee. According to third-party testing, it showcased impressive performance, achieving a 0-60 MPH time of 6.6 seconds and covering a quarter-mile in 15.2 seconds. Tim Allen’s Chevelle SS holds a value of approximately $297,000, according to VIP Fortunes.