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This Crazy Police Chase Is Like a Real-Life Action Movie: Watch

This Crazy Police Chase Is Like a Real-Life Action Movie: Watch

If you are a fan of the Jason Bourne movies or you love some good police chase scenes, then grab a drink and sit down. This is one of the wildest, craziest police chases you will ever see.

I mean, you talk about riding on someone’s tail! This is just incredible.

According to someone in the X thread, this video was filmed in Osasco, Brazil, near Sao Paulo. Well, what are you waiting for? Get busy watching this video for a few minutes.

Look at how many times that motorcycle dodges and weaves its way through the streets. I don’t know about you, but I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Imagine being the woman, holding on for dear life as the driver takes his own life into his hands. What a police chase!

The motorcycle driver looked like he was doing his best Evel Knievel impression. Yeah, so, he didn’t line up 15 Lincoln Continentals and take off through the air. But this driver was all business in this police chase.

Give it up for the police officer, too. I guess the camera that filmed this was firmly either on his chest or helmet. That film is one hot piece of property.

Police Chase Sees Both Bikes Staying Upright

Another amazing thing is how well the motorcycles stay upright. Both motorcycles bobbed and weaved their way over wide and narrow pathways. It’s funny how both riders were so locked into the moment. There appeared to be no distraction going on from both riders. Again, what a police chase!

It would be cool to know what type of motorcycle both men were driving. You have to really lock in to stay focused on what you are doing in the streets. Imagine a chase like this taking place in a city like New York City or Los Angeles. This is what stuntmen and stuntwomen look to replicate for movies.

That police officer kept yelling for the young man to pull over. Did the young man listen? Hell no. He just put the pedal to the metal and kept on rolling.

And I guess we have to ask what’s with the guy making his woman hang on for dear life? Sheesh. She had to make sure that her man was totally focused when maneuvering those sharp turns.

Again, all of this took place in Brazil. I’m not sure how old the city they were driving in is, but there were tight, tight spots. If one of those bikes just hit a rock or pebble at the wrong angle, then they go flying through the air.

Maybe you will see something like this police chase in a big box-office movie. But seeing one in real life? In real time? Man, that’s not going to happen too much.