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The 5 Coolest Cars of Classic TV

The 5 Coolest Cars of Classic TV

Cars of classic TV can become more iconic than the shows they were featured on. These are some of the coolest rides on the small screen. As you’ll soon see, when it comes to cool vehicles on TV, they just don’t make them like they used to.

5. The General Lee, ‘Dukes of Hazzard’

The General Lee is a great example of an iconic car eclipsing the human stars of the show. This 1969 Dodge Charger, unlike other cars on this list, didn’t have many special features or gadgets. However, the orange beauty did have a high-octane engine, welded-shut doors, and a signature horn. Almost every episode of the series featured the cool TV car performing a cliffhanger stunt, usually a near-impossible jump. During its 7-season run, The Dukes of Hazzard aired a total of 147 episodes. Reportedly, as many as three hundred of the iconic 1969 Dodge Chargers were demolished for stunts on the series.

4. The Striped Tomato, ‘Starsky & Hutch’

The iconic 1974 Gran Torino from Starsky & Hutch, famously known as the “striped tomato”, transcended the role of a mere vehicle and became a character in its own right. The series aired from 1975 to 1979 for five seasons. While it catapulted the series leads David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser into stardom, it also immortalized the Gran Torino. The red Gran Torino was customized with a white “vector” stripe. They were also modified with air shocks, Ansen Sprint 5-slot mag wheels, and larger rear tires, according to Silodrome.

3. Dragula, ‘The Munsters’… Cars of Classic TV’s Once Appearance MVP

Everyone’s favorite blue-collar monster household famously had its own spooky family vehicle, the Munster Koach. However, they also had a creepy hot rod in their garage. In the 1965 episode “Hot Rod Herman”, Grandpa reveals his personal roadster, Drag-U-La. The car is a true masterpiece, meticulously designed by George Barris with a genuine fiberglass coffin attached to a strong front-engined dragster chassis made of tubular steel. Sadly, Dragula only made a single appearance in the series, it was used again in the monster family’s first feature film, 1966’s Munsters, Go Home! The horrifying hot-rod is so memorable, that rocker Rob Zombie even penned a song about it.

2. K.I.T.T., ‘Knight Rider’

When Knight Rider debuted in the fall of 1982, it jumped to the list of cars of classic TV, KITT became an instant star. KITT ( Knight Industries Two Thousand) was the OG self-driving Artificial Intelligence boasting car. This black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am was loaded with gadgets that would make Batman balk. It had instantly tintable windows, an oil slick sprayer, a laser cutter, flame throwers, and an infrared tracking system. In addition, KITT was bulletproof, bombproof, and fireproof. Folks, this car could even drive on water via a hydroplane system.

To top it all off, KITT could talk and have full-on conversations with series lead, David Hasselhoff. Of course, KITT’s distinctive voice was provided by William Daniels, who went on to become a 90s icon as Mr. Feeney on Boy Meets World.

1. The top of the coolest cars of classic TV: Black Beauty, ‘Green Hornet’

Batman’s 1955 Lincoln show car Batmobile may be the most famous superhero car. However, Green Hornet’s Black Beauty edges it out in the cool TV car department. The Green Hornet aired for two seasons (1966-67) and even featured a crossover with Adam West’s Batman. It featured Van Williams as the titular character and martial arts icon Bruce Lee as his partner, Kato. The Black Beauty was crafted around a 1966 Imperial Crown. According to Autoblog, it featured the original 440-cubic inch V8 engine with an impressive 350 horsepower and 480 ft-lbs of torque. Powering this sleek, green headlighted ride was Chrysler’s Torqueflite automatic transmission.

Of course, the Black Beauty showcased a on of gadgets over the series brief run. It boasted a homing and tracking scanner, a grease gun, a smoke screen, rocket launchers, and hidden brooms to cover its tracks.