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Tesla’s Model 3 Boasts ‘Active Hood’ Safety Feature

Tesla’s Model 3 Boasts ‘Active Hood’ Safety Feature

Tesla has introduced several additional safety features in the updated Model 3, one of which is the “Active Hood” feature. The addition aims to enhance pedestrian safety in the event of a collision, providing increased protection. Supporters believe this feature can prevent fatal head injuries, a frequent cause of severe harm to pedestrians.

The Active Hood feature in the Model 3 is outlined in the owner’s manual for markets where the updated vehicle is available. According to the company, in the event of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, the car’s hood will automatically rise to minimize the risk of severe injury. When the Active Hood feature is activated, a prompt and collision chime will appear on the touchscreen. Tesla recommends drivers quickly take their Model 3 to a service center after activating the feature.

“Multiple sensors at the front of the vehicle are designed to detect an impact with a pedestrian when Model 3 is moving between around 30 and 52 km/h and raise the rear portion of the hood automatically approximately 80 mm,” Tesla states in the owner’s manual. “This increases the space between the hood and the components beneath it, reducing the likelihood of injuries.”

The ‘Active Hood’ Feature Deploys Based on Sensors and Algorithms

According to Tesla, the Active Hood feature of the Model 3 utilizes sensors and algorithms to determine its deployment. This means that in collisions involving animals, vehicles, or objects, the feature may activate. Meanwhile, in certain pedestrian collisions, it may not activate.

The feature was previously available in the Tesla Model S and X, but not in the pre-refresh Model 3. It is not mentioned in the vehicle’s U.S. owner’s manual. Additionally, this feature has been used in non-Tesla vehicles in the past.

Tesla’s Model 3 Boasts a Range of Safety Features

In addition to the Active Hood feature, the new Model 3 boasts a range of active and passive safety features. These include double dampeners on the trunk and metal hooks that ensure door alignment in the event of an accident.

Tesla’s Model 3 “Highland” was recently crowned as the top car to purchase in Norway. This redesigned vehicle has been making its way to customers across Europe, Asia, and other regions in the last few months. Currently, the vehicle remains unavailable in North America; however, it is anticipated to be available in the region by early 2024.