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Tesla Fans Ticked Over ‘Cringe’ Cybertruck Launch

Tesla Fans Ticked Over ‘Cringe’ Cybertruck Launch

Tesla’s Cybertruck launch has been lackluster, leading to fans taking to social media to voice their critiques. The cutting-edge pickup truck deliveries commenced at a glamorous event held at the Austin factory yesterday. However, social media users have expressed disappointment with the Cybertruck’s limited range and high price, as well as criticizing the launch event as “cringy”.

“This was the most cringe thing I’ve EVER seen at a Tesla event,” one Twitter user wrote. “The steel ball test failed in 2019 so they just throw a baseball at the Cybertruck.” The user posted the caption alongside video footage of a baseball being tenderly tossed at the supposedly bulletproof vehicle. “I wouldn’t really say he “threw” that baseball….”, another Tesla watcher quipped.

“I think @Ford and @Rivian are going to sleep so good tonight,” another Twitter user observed. “GM too,” came a reply to the Tweet. “For 2k more, the Hummer gets better towing, range, and features for the people who want the most obnoxious truck.”

Twitter Users Tear Into the Tesla Cybertruck Launch

Finally, Marques Brownlee, a web video producer, had perhaps the most detailed… and scathing takedown. “Tesla Cybertruck is notably the first time that Tesla is straight up not delivering on some of the key specs they promised,” Brownlee wrote. “[The] Promised specs: 500+ mile range, $70,000 [price tag]. [What was] Delivered: 340-mile range, $100,000 [price tag].”

Brownlee continued with his takedown of the cybertruck. “Tesla (and others) have taken the stance that the thousands of pounds of extra battery required to deliver 500 miles of range with today’s battery technology is not worth the hit to driving dynamics. At this point, I can’t be surprised if Roadster 2.0 has nowhere near 600 miles of range either,” he concluded. “The price is 42% higher than originally promised and the range is 32% lower than originally promised,” a Twitter follower agreed in a reply.

During the 2019 Cybertruck launch, Musk announced a starting price of $39,900. The top-tier version would cost $77,000 and offer a range of 500 miles. What Tesla revealed yesterday is a significant departure from the current reality. The most affordable model, slated for release in 2025, will carry a price tag of $60,990 and provide a range of 250 miles. Meanwhile, the all-wheel drive variant, set to hit the market in 2024, is priced at $79,990.