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Tesla Cybertruck Crashes Into Beverly Hills Hotel, Elon Musk Speaks Out

Tesla Cybertruck Crashes Into Beverly Hills Hotel, Elon Musk Speaks Out

On Sunday night, a Tesla Cybertruck crashed into the Beverly Hills Hotel sign with no word of injuries from the accident. Elon Musk, who owns SpaceX, Tesla, and chat platform X (formerly Twitter), offered his thoughts on the situation.

A rep for the Dorchester Collection — the company that owns The Beverly Hills Hotel, among others — told TMZ that no valets were involved in the accident. A report indicates that the Tesla Cybertruck had its front wheel ripped right off.

Video shared by TMZ showed the Cybertruck stuck in a raised cement curb. The curb happens to be located right under the Beverly Hills Hotel sign. No pre-accident video was available.

Tesla Cybertruck Doing Well Against Others

The Tesla Cybertruck holds its own against some other cars. Tesla designed the truck to have some durability. But there have been instances where the Cybertruck is blipping out. It also appears that this truck might not be salvageable.

A friend of the person who owns this vehicle wanted to see if a new truck could be issued. It appears that the truck is not safe. The owner’s friend headed out on X and made his special request.

Musk, when signing on to X, did acknowledge a post about the crash. He did not have any behind-the-scenes news to share with his audience. Musk said the Cybertruck is faster than the Porsche 911. He may believe that the truck was just too much for a valet to handle.

Tesla did install a Valet Mode inside, which was designed to prevent accidents like these by limiting the vehicle’s peak power. It also imposes a 70 MPH speed while being driven by valets. But it’s not foolproof.

Cold Weather Causes Problems For Car

Beyond this accident, Cybertruck owners have been hot under the collar about how it deals with cold weather. For some, it has to do with what’s used to design it. Others are seeing their cars unable to handle heavy snowfalls.

Tesla, and especially Musk, has been quite open about the truck’s good qualities. When an accident like this one takes place in a high-profile city like Los Angeles, it’s going to get attention. Tesla Cybertruck owners, when their cars have been working OK, do seem to enjoy the experience.

Possibly having a hotel valet cause the accident involving the Tesla Cybertruck brings more attention to the car. The kind of attention any auto owner doesn’t want to take up time solving.

California recently had a small town’s police department change its entire police fleet over to Teslas. No, they were not cybertrucks. We will have to wait and see how this situation resolves.

But Tesla Cybertruck owners will be keeping a close eye to see how Musk handled this incident. They have ideas on their own and would kill to have them come to life.