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Teen Driver Obliterates Median Structure, Runs From Vehicle: VIDEO

Teen Driver Obliterates Median Structure, Runs From Vehicle: VIDEO

No one is a perfect driver, we all make mistakes from time to time, and we made even more as teens. That said, there’s making a mistake behind the wheel, and then there’s…whatever this is.

While crossing an intersection, a teen driver was caught on surveillance cameras veering into the middle of the road before plowing into what appears to be a stone neighborhood sign in the median. To make matters worse, she then exits the obviously totaled vehicle and sprints from the scene, leaving the road littered with pieces of cinderblocks and car.

Details surrounding the incident remain extremely limited. Based on the video, it appears the teen driver started crossing the intersection without realizing another car was speeding down the road. In an effort to avoid a crash, the driver swerved to the left – and directly into the massive cinderblock sign. According to the time stamp, it’s 7:30 am on April 22, 2023.

The Internet Reacts to Wild Teen Driver Video

Since it occurred, the incident has been reposted across the internet countless times, garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and reactions. And, of course, everyone has an opinion on the bizarre scene.

Multiple users in the comments claim they recognize the area as Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Others claim to have seen the clip elsewhere with more context. They say the sign was at the entrance of the teen driver’s neighborhood. She was running home to her parents after wrecking her car.

Most, however, just roasted the teen for her questionable driving skills. “She’s sprinting like Giancarlo Stanton,” one user wrote. “Yeah I didn’t like that concrete post either…” another joked. “Damn! Get her a role in Fast & Furious asap!!” added a third.

In fairness, it does appear that the teen driver had two options. She could either be T-boned by the oncoming black car, or swerve and crash into the sign. All things considered, she probably took the best possible route (short of not crossing the intersection in the first place). As such, some users came to the defense of the teen, especially because the car was billowing smoke after slamming into the concrete structure.

“You want her to just… sit in the car or what? Maybe she was worried it was going to catch fire or something. Run to a safe distance and call for help seems sensible,” one user wrote. “People are dissing her but this was the right course of action that engine is TOAST,” another said.