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Photo of Tesla Police Cruiser Sets Internet on Fire

Photo of Tesla Police Cruiser Sets Internet on Fire

Imagine driving around your neighborhood and you come across this Tesla Police Cruiser, which is on duty now in California. Photographer Daniel Bray happened to be in the right place at the right time. He caught this Tesla on video. It has signage on its side recognizing the South Pasadena Police Department, located in South Pasadena, Calif.

So, in doing a little research, we came across this interesting tidbit regarding Tesla and this police department. In May 2023, the City of South Pasadena received nearly $500,000 in grant money. This was aimed toward replacing the entire fleet with Teslas, according to KABC in Los Angeles.

“Some of them have K-9 capabilities, they’ll be utilized for both the patrol and the detective administrative,” Deputy City Manager Domenica Megerdichian said at the time. “The vehicles are undergoing upfitting.”

Tesla Cars Become Norm In Some Police Departments

South Pasadena joins other police departments in cities like Fremont, California, and Falmouth, Massachusetts, in making the switch to Tesla cars.

Megerdichian commented in 2023 that South Pasadena saw Tesla as the best fit in its goal to convert to electric vehicles. “We looked at a number of options and many of our fleet are at end of life or nearing end of life,” he said.

Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles make up this police department’s fleet of automobiles.

So, what are some of the highlights when it comes to the Model Y? Tesla’s website makes some points to help buyers make a choice. For instance, drivers may be concerned about charging options and what they look like. According to Tesla’s website, there is plenty of range when it comes to different driving.

What about a family drive? The car will settle into a smooth ride. Whether it’s daily driving or even family road trips, drivers can charge up their Model Y quickly and efficiently. Here’s something to note when you are on a long drive. You can add up to 160 miles of range in about 15 minutes at a Supercharger location.

Model Y, Model 3 Have Their Unique Selling Points

This model has up to 310 miles available driving charge before you would even need to recharge it. That’s a pretty good deal. The Model Y also has accident warning signals within it. These features include the Forward Collision Warning, Active Emergency Braking, and Lane Departure avoidance.

Let’s turn our attention now to the Tesla Model 3. Tesla’s website states that you can travel nearly 341 miles (EPA est.) on one charge. This car has exterior styling that is optimized for maximum¬†aerodynamics.

A driver inside the Model 3 can expect a quieter ride, too. That’s due to having 360-degree acoustic glass all around the car. The all-glass roof allows light to come into the car. But you are protected from those harmful UV rays at the same time, too. Here’s an extra touch for you animal owners. The Model 3 (and maybe other Tesla models, too) offers what is called a Dog mode. Set it up to where you can allow your bow-wow to stay comfy inside while you are getting a coffee or dinner.

While all of these features are offered, in the case of South Pasadena, they will determine which ones officers can use. These features, though, appear to be part of standard ones in these different models. Thanks to an eagle-eyed photographer, we all get a chance to see how this police cruiser appears in public.