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Pharrell Appears Not So Happy While Attempting to Park His New Cybertruck

Pharrell Appears Not So Happy While Attempting to Park His New Cybertruck

Pharrell Williams has recently joined the ranks of public figures spotted with the highly anticipated new Tesla Cybertruck. However, his first public voyage didn’t go as intended. Last week, the renowned record producer and musician was seen attempting to parallel park his vehicle outside a Louis Vuitton store in Miami. Reportedly, he came perilously close to colliding with another car.

Roxana Gonzalez, witness to Williams’ “parking skills,” saw the creative director of Louis Vuitton struggle for a solid 10 minutes before surrendering to the valet. “That truck was never going to fit,” Gonzalez told Business Insider. Of course, images of the blunder made their way to social media.

The Internet Roasts Pharrell’s ‘Pharrellel’ Cybertruck Parking Job

In the comments of an Instagram post showcasing the incident, users ruthlessly roasted Pharrell for his lack of expertise in handling the Cybertruck. “2024 already embarrassing,” a user quipped. “He phailed to pharrellel phark,” one fan of alliteration commented.

Other Instagram commenters focused on the futuristic, unique design of the Cybertruck. “In his defense, a lot of people have trouble parallel parking HVAC equipment,” one user joked. “Why Art is important folks. You let Engineers design everything this is what you get,” another user pointed out.

Finally, a competitor couldn’t resist getting a shot in. “Our Active Parking Assist can help with that,” the official Mercedes account noted, adding a smirk emoji.

If you’re accustomed to driving standard pick-up trucks and SUVs, handling the Cybertruck shouldn’t pose a significant challenge. In terms of size, it measures just under 19 feet in length and around 80 inches in width, making it shorter and narrower than Ford’s F-150 Lighting. The base model of the Cybertruck is priced at $60,990, while the all-wheel drive variant comes at $79,990. For those seeking the ultimate experience, there’s the “Cyberbeast” option available for $99,990.

Meanwhile, Cybertruck was involved in its first reported accident. Late last month, a Toyota Corolla collided with the stainless steel truck. Reportedly, a 17-year-old was driving the Corolla while it was traveling north on California’s Skyline Boulevard.

Reddit user shared two images of the accident, revealing a seemingly undamaged Cybertruck. Meanwhile, the Toyota Corolla’s front end appeared demolished.

Experts have raised concerns about the potential consequences of a collision involving the Cybertruck. Weighing an impressive 3.5 tons and with acceleration comparable to a Formula 1 car, this formidable vehicle poses significant risks. However, Tesla’s Elon Musk dismissed such concerns. “Yes, we are highly confident that Cybertruck will be much safer per mile than other trucks. Both for occupants and pedestrians,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).