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New Electric Toyota Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

New Electric Toyota Pickup Truck Concept Revealed

A new electric Toyota pickup truck was recently revealed. The compact vehicle is comparable in size to the hybrid Ford Maverick pickup. Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show, the EPU is a compact four-door crew-cab pickup. It measures only 199.6 inches in length, making it shorter than the Tacoma, according to Car and Driver. With its unibody construction, it aims to compete with models like the Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Toyota has yet to reveal any technical specifications, but according to Car and Driver, it is expected to be built on a new electric platform. With a wheelbase of 131.9 inches, it falls between the shorter and longer bed configurations of the outgoing Tacoma. This gives the truck slightly unconventional proportions, as the rear axle is positioned further back than in a typical compact pickup. This pairs with recent news that the Camry was getting a makeover.

The New Electric Toyota Pickup Truck Seems Production Ready

Toyota emphasizes the serene experience of electric propulsion and the vehicle’s low center of gravity, ensuring exceptional stability and a comfortable ride. Like the Ford Maverick, the EPU utilizes a unibody layout instead of a body-on-frame configuration seen in other Toyota pickups. This suggests the use of a skateboard platform, potentially providing extra storage space under the hood.

The EPU stood out among a group of Tokyo-bound concepts for its production-ready cabin. The dashboard features a sleek and functional design, with a dual-layer layout that includes tray storage. Compared to current gasoline trucks like the Tacoma, the EPU boasts a less upright and more modern appearance.

There is a Serious Demand For More Affordable US Electric Vehicles

According to Autoweek, Yoke steering isn’t entirely new; Toyota and Lexus have already introduced it in their production vehicles. But what sets this interior apart is its remarkable readiness for production. Toyota has even chosen mirrors instead of a wingtip and screen system for this concept truck. In the US electric vehicle market, there is demand for such a truck, especially given the limited options below $80,000.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma lineup debuts a new hybrid variant with the i-Force Max system. While the Tacoma hybrid prioritizes towing and hauling, it can be an excellent choice when paired with an efficient model like the EPU.

In April 2021, Toyota announced plans to introduce an electric pickup truck to the U.S. market soon. They recently unveiled their intentions to conduct an extended fleet test of the Toyota HiLux Revo BEV Concept. This concept features a cost-effective battery pack and propulsion system with a range of up to 143 miles and 0-60 mph acceleration in around 10 seconds. A production truck based on the EPU would likely exceed these figures in range and performance.