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Missing Man Found, Survived 3 Days in Ditch After Motorcycle Crash

Missing Man Found, Survived 3 Days in Ditch After Motorcycle Crash

A Tennessee man is lucky to be alive after he survived three days in a ditch following a motorcycle crash. 

According to WBIR, Taylor Boyle’s family reported him missing on October 15th after they said he hit the road with his motorcycle and was traveling to Heiskell from Fountain City. 

“He had left a buddy of ours in the Fountain City area,” Cameron Williams, a friend of Boyle’s, explained. Williams also noted that the area that Boyle was going to was just north of Powell. “So we kind of had a good idea of where he came from and where he was going to. He told our buddy he was grabbing McDonald’s for breakfast and headed his way.” 

Although his family and friends knew about the motorcycle trip, they became worried when Boyle didn’t contact anyone or arrive at his destination. Williams shared that he and other friends began calling others after they discovered Boyle’s phone was shut off. “Although his family knew about the trip, they became worried when he didn’t make contact,” Williams continued. 

Williams and other friends of Boyle’s filed a missing person’s report with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. 

A Search Party Discovered Boyle and His Crashed Motorcycle Three Days After He Went Missing

Three days after Boyle went missing, one of the search parties was able to find him and what was left of his motorcycle, which was discovered off the road. 

Williams revealed that the search party was able to call it a night when they found Boyle, who was in a nearby ditch. Boyle’s friend revealed he was relieved and grateful to those part of the search party. “I wanted to kind of give recognition to Brandon and Ron French, Chase Lovelace, Chase Goins for not giving up and sticking it out and finding him,” Williams shared. “He seemed to be pretty coherent and awake and not in pain. So I think we really lucked up this time.”

CNN reports Boyle and his motorcycle were discovered down an embankment. It was between 30 to 50 feet off a backroad in Powell. Williams said there were around five vehicles with three to five people in each vehicle. The groups set off into different areas to look for Boyle. They searched in ditches and ravines. “They were kind of scared, you know, what they might find when they got there,” Williams said about the search groups. 

Williams stated that Boyle was lucky to be alive after the motorcycle crash. He had sustained an injury to his head and dislocated his elbow, but is expected to make a full recovery.