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John Cena’s $3M Car Collection Has Nothing on His Humble Day-to-Day Ride

John Cena’s $3M Car Collection Has Nothing on His Humble Day-to-Day Ride

John Cena’s car collection is a blend of timeless classics and cutting-edge marvels, but his everyday ride is delightfully unassuming. Despite Cena’s successful transition from professional wrestler to Hollywood star, he distinguishes himself from his colleagues by not opting for high-end exotics or luxurious SUVs as his daily driver. Instead, he chooses a Honda, showcasing a unique and down-to-earth choice in vehicles.

During his appearance on the popular Whisky Ginger with Andrew Santino podcast in 2023, Cena disclosed his choice of daily transportation: a modest Honda Civic Type R. The segment discussing his humble vehicle garnered significant attention on both Twitter and TikTok.


@johncena drives a Civic Type R! 👌❤️🚗💨 clip from Whiskey Gigner Podcast #civictyper #fk8typer #johncena #hondaboys

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“It’s got tech, it’s manual, it’s reliable,” Cena explained. “It’s a 2020 and it’s got a third pedal. At 145 [mph] it’s stable. It’s got seats in the back, I can actually pick people up.”

Cena Revealed He Prefers Practicality Over Flash When It Comes to Daily Drives

Cena emphasized that although it’s enjoyable to fantasize about driving a supercar daily, they often fall short in terms of practicality. Fortunately, the Civic excels in this aspect; boasting a spacious 410-litre boot that puts some SUVs to shame.

“If you have a purse in a Countach, you’re screwed. They’re a little rough around the edges. The clutch is a dogfight and it’s really tough to get those things running right. So if I actually need to drive a car more than 10 miles, it’s the Civic,” Cena pointed out.

Comparing a Honda Civic and a Lamborghini Countach is a bit odd. However, it makes sense considering what a superstar Cena is. While not everyone can afford to daily drive a Lamborghini Countach, those with John Cena’s financial means certainly could.

John Cena Owns Several Impressive Rides But Still Has Room For Humble Vehicles

It’s wild to discover that John Cena’s daily drive is such a modest vehicle given his car collection. For instance, Cena’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird has a value of around $330,000. Meanwhile, another car that he used to own, his 1969 COPO Chevrolet Camaro, cost about $200,000.

However, among Cena’s impressive fleet is yet another humble ride. John Cena’s impressive collection began with his modest 1989 Jeep Wrangler. Purchased using the earnings from his first WWE contract in 2001, this reliable vehicle faithfully accompanied the world champion throughout his illustrious wrestling career. Despite owning a garage filled with envy-inducing dream cars, Cena still holds his steadfast Jeep in high regard.