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Inside Hulk Hogan’s Car Collection, Brother

Inside Hulk Hogan’s Car Collection, Brother

WWE icon Hulk Hogan has been a household name for decades. It’s no wonder his muscle car collection is as impressive as his pythons.

Hulk Hogan’s 1968 Dodge Charger RT stands out as the most potent vehicle in his car collection. Representing the second generation of an iconic American muscle car, the Dodge Charger RT boasts a powerful engine that sets it apart within the limited selection of full-size cars on the market.

With more agility than typical for its class, this vehicle exudes old-school charm infused with a modern flair. Swapping out its original 375HP engine, the Hulk’s ride now boasts a robust 528 cu-in Hemi V8, amping up its power to an impressive 900HP. Originally priced at $3,014, this transformation brought about a remarkable upgrade.

The Dodge Charger RT initially had a 7.2L V8 engine producing 375 HP. This stock engine enabled the car to go from 0-60 MPH in 6.5 seconds, reaching a top speed of 156 MPH, according to VIP Fortunes.

Hulk Hogan’s Daily Driver of His Muscle Car Collection

A clear favorite of Hulk Hogan’s car collection is his 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. This might be one of the Hulkster’s everyday cars, as he routinely posts footage driving it.

Painted in a vibrant red hue, he affectionately dubs it the “Date Car.” Retaining all its original dials and bucket seats swathed in luxurious leather, this Plymouth Road Runner exudes timeless charm. However, it comes with a modest price tag of $19,300. Beneath its hood lies a robust 6.3L V8 engine, generating an impressive 335 HP. Capable of reaching a top speed of 111 MPH, this classic automobile epitomizes vintage allure.

Santa Gifts Another Muscle Car for Hulk Hogan’s Collection

Back in 2021, Santa delivered Hulk Hogan a Charger SRT Hellcat in Redeye to add to his car collection. Priced at $78,595 before the destination charge, behold this four-door land shark in Pitch Black attire, rocking Carbon Black wheels and fiery red Brembo brake calipers. All riding on 305/35 by 20-inch all-season tires.

For muscle car enthusiasts after a blend of practicality and tire-shredding power, the Redeye swaps the Hellcat’s 2.4-liter supercharger for the Demon’s 2.7-liter version. Its screw-type supercharger delivers a 14.5 psi boost, outperforming the Hellcat’s 11.6 psi.

The Redeye is equipped with two fuel pumps instead of one, leading to a rather disappointing fuel economy estimate. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s rated at 15 miles per gallon on the combined cycle. Still, this stat almost makes this an even better addition to Hulk Hogan’s car collection.