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How Much Does Jay Leno Pay in Car Insurance for His Epic Collection?

How Much Does Jay Leno Pay in Car Insurance for His Epic Collection?

Over the years, comedian Jay Leno has been adding to his car collection and that results in car insurance, too. Leno’s massive group of cars and motorcycles totals beyond 300 in number. He’s got rare automobiles, one-offs from the manufacturers, and ones that Leno has picked up from other people.

Leno has offered an inside look at his cars through the web-based TV series Jay Leno’s Garage. He popped up a new video each Monday, talking about one of his automobiles or a related topic. More than 3 million people follow Leno’s YouTube channel for this show, so he’s got an audience. The web series looks like it ended in 2022, but the old episodes are up there. Leno did this between 2015-22, and some episodes may still pop up on CNBC at times.

Nope, it’s not like a talk show audience in a television studio. Yet Leno gets a chance to share from his own experience what’s happening in the automotive world.

Jay Leno Admits He Doesn’t Have Favorite Car

Does Leno have a favorite car in his collection? He responded to this question during a 2023 interview with the Columbus Dispatch. “No, I wouldn’t have all these cars if I had a favorite,” Leno said. “You know, I like the history of transportation. I’ve got early cars from the late 1800s (and) early 1900s; speed cars; gas turbine; electric — all kinds of stuff. I just like the whole aspect of it. Anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise.”

Leno also offered that he enjoys seeing what people collect in a specific part of the United States. “The most fun is when I go to the Midwest,” he said. “Because when you’re in California, everybody collects the obvious: the Ferraris, the Lamborghinis, supercars. It’s fun when I go to the Midwest and people collect like ’68 Dodge Darts — just cars that were popular when I was a kid. …”

Now, what’s the deal with this car insurance? According to Hotcars, Ari Cagan, who has his own YouTube channel, actually got down to crunch some numbers. Let’s just say this: Leno has to crack open that checkbook and make sure nothing bounces from his account.

Car Insurance Covers Leno’s Autos, Motorcycles

Numbers-wise, Leno has 181 cars and 160 motorcycles in his collection. Figuring out these insurance numbers for all of this takes time. Cagan, though, was up to the test. He also tossed in elements like property insurance. And, Cagan took into account how much Leno would pay in property insurance. Leno has to probably look at making sure his vast collection is all insured through a film and production policy.

Every month, the total amount spent on car insurance is about $45,250. For the motorcycles, it’s probably around $12,000. These are not exact totals, though. The numbers used here come from the base insurance cost. Cagan puts in here umbrella coverage for Leno’s property, along with how much it costs for vehicle registration.

Roll those numbers together and Cagan gets $45,250 per month for auto insurance. Motorcycle insurance costs $12,000 per month. Yet Leno faces more than these numbers state. Why? These numbers are at a base level. Other factors might come into play that affect this total. You also have to add umbrella property coverage ($420,000 yearly) as well as vehicle registration fees ($10,571 yearly).

Looking at the numbers given here, Leno faces a yearly amount of $1,117,571 to keep his cars running.