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Get a Look at Greatness with WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s Car Collection

Get a Look at Greatness with WWE Superstar Randy Orton’s Car Collection

WWE superstar Randy Orton has a running gag of rivals defacing his sweet rides. It’s no wonder he boasts an impressive car collection. Over the years, fellow wrestlers like Danial Bryan and Kofi Kingston have ruined Orton’s cars. Maybe it’s time for these wrestlers to take the bus to matches. But let’s face it… that’s not Orton’s upper-crust-infused style.

Orton comes from a lineage of professional wrestlers spanning three generations. His grandfather Bob Orton, father Bob Orton Jr., and uncle Barry Orton all had careers in wrestling. Before joining the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), he honed his skills in the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association and Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling.

He signed with the WWE and joined Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), winning the OVW Hardcore Championship twice. Shortly after his WWE debut, he joined the Evolution stable, leading to his first Intercontinental Championship reign.

Randal Keith Orton clinched the title of the youngest WWE World Champion at the age of 24. With an impressive 6.5 million followers on Instagram, he commands around $21,800 per sponsored post. According to Celebrity Net Worth, this WWE luminary boasts an estimated net worth of $7 million.

His social media account offers a peek into his lavish lifestyle, featuring private jet or helicopter flights and luxurious getaways to exotic destinations. However, Randy Orton’s car collection is like a parade of dreams for fans.

Randy Orton’s garage reportedly houses a Mercedes-Benz GLS, a Range Rover Vogue, a Hummer H2 DUB Edition gifted by WWE, and a Lamborghini Huracan.

About Randy Orton’s Most Out of the Ordinary Addition to His Car Collection, His Hummer

Contrary to the trend of flashy supercars favored by other WWE stars, Randy Orton stands out by opting for a Hummer H2 as his primary public vehicle. Despite its boxy appearance, his H2 exudes anything but subtlety! Notably, Randy Orton has outfitted his Hummer with massive DUB wheels, ensuring that the SUV remains a showstopper.

This Hummer rocks a top-notch sound system custom-made for Orton. While not every car buff may dig the Hummer, it’s a celeb magnet. Seeing Orton step out of this bad boy would hush the naysayers in a heartbeat.

Upon its initial release, the base Hummer H2 was priced at approximately $50,000. General Motors has breathed new life into the Hummer brand by unveiling an all-electric GMC Hummer pickup truck. It’s possible that Randy Orton may consider upgrading to the latest model in the future.