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Elon Musk Weighs in on Using Cybertruck For Police Purposes

Elon Musk Weighs in on Using Cybertruck For Police Purposes

Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO, is convinced that the newly unveiled Cybertruck would make for an epic police vehicle. Musk offered his opinion of the vehicle’s potential use for law enforcement on X (formerly Twitter).

A Texas police department official posted images of the Cybertruck they noticed “out in the wild”, and posed a question to Elon Musk. “[Will] the Cybertruck make a good police vehicle? It’s still hard to find new vehicles to replenish our older police units,” the official asked in a post on X, tagging Musk. The Telsa head honcho expressed his enthusiastic approval by responding with the “100” emoji.

Ever since the post was published, it has garnered immense attention and sparked discussions on numerous online platforms. Countless enthusiastic users on social media have eagerly shared their excitement regarding the potential use of cybertrucks in law enforcement roles.

“Best police vehicle on the road,” one Cybertruck lover posted in the responses. “That light bar with police lights would look amazing, and who doesn’t need bullet-resistant doors?”, another user pondered. Another X user suggested that police departments should get special preference after delays in rolling out the futuristic vehicle. “With the expected long order book, it would be great if Tesla did a raffle or lottery with 10 cybertrucks and police from all over [the] country could signup to win it this year,” they wrote.

Elon Musk Fans Have Been Speculating on the Cybertruck’s Potential for Police Use for Years

Indeed, Elon Musk fans have been speculating on the Cybertruck’s potential for police units since the concept was announced years ago. The internet is riddled with art concepts for the vehicle outfitted for police purposes.

What police force wouldn’t want a flame-and-water-resistant, lightning-fast, sleek, ruling-the-streets electric vehicle that effortlessly tows water pipes and garbage containers? The Tesla Cybertruck has sparked countless conversations with its futuristic looks and jaw-dropping electric range. But it’s the impressive towing capacity and mind-blowing acceleration that’ll make police departments worldwide go, “Where do we sign up?”

Law enforcement officials are also drawn to the Cybertruck’s appealing dimensions. It spans 231.7 inches in length, 79.8 inches in width, and stands 75 inches tall, with seating for up to 6 adults. When it comes to off-road performance, it boasts a 35-degree approach angle, a 28-degree departure angle, and an impressive 16 inches of ground clearance.

The Cybertruck has already shown off its durability on the streets. A recent Cybertruck road accident was reported in California. A 2023 Tesla Cybertruck and a 2009 Toyota Corolla were involved. There were no serious injuries. The crash appeared to leave the Tesla vehicle no worse for wear. Meanwhile, the Corolla’s front end was demolished.