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Elon Musk Posts Photo of Cybertruck Assembly Line, and It’s Long

Elon Musk Posts Photo of Cybertruck Assembly Line, and It’s Long

For Elon Musk, length matters. This was evident when the tech mogul took to social media to show off his Cybertruck assembly line. The investor and businessman posted an image on his platform, X (formerly Twitter). The snapshot boasted a seemingly never-ending line of his new vehicle.

Cybertruck production line,” a straightforward Musk captioned the image. Of course, fans were clamoring for more. “That looks so cool,” one Tesla lover gushed. “So many,” another fan replied. “I can’t wait to get one of my own!”

Finally, another Musk supporter couldn’t help but take a shot at Tesla’s competition. “I see more on that line than GM sold of the Hummer in 2 quarters,” they quipped.

Elon Musk Allowed Joe Rogan to Personally Test the Cybertruck’s Durability

Meanwhile, Joe Rogan put claims of Tesla Cybertruck’s “arrow-proof” exoskeleton to the test recently when Elon Musk made an appearance on his podcast. In their latest conversation, Rogan challenged Musk, proposing to pierce the exterior of the Cybertruck with a broadside arrow. This came after the Tesla CEO proudly claimed the truck’s bulletproof capabilities.

Of course, Musk wasn’t worried. ”Yeah, it’ll be fine,” Musk told Rogan.  ”Maybe I’ll drive back with an arrow sticking out of my car,” the CEO quipped. ”I bet I can get it in there,” Rogan teased. ”I’ll bet you can’t. I’ll bet you a dollar,” said Musk joking back.

Elon Musk Casually Smoked a Stogie as Joe Rogen Unleashed an Arrow in His Cybertruck

In a viral video, Joe Rogan decides to test the Tesla Cybertruck’s durability by shooting an arrow at its tough stainless steel body. The arrow leaves a minor dent and surrenders its arrowhead. Meanwhile, in the background, Elon Musk casually savors a cigar before strolling over to inspect his mighty creation.

The Cybertruck, unveiled by Tesla in 2019, impresses with its specs. It has a range of 250-500 miles and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9-6.5 seconds. This electric vehicle is made from stainless steel used in rockets, giving it a futuristic look. According to Tesla, the Cybertruck offers superior utility compared to traditional trucks with sports car-like performance.

Tesla previously announced vehicle deliveries starting on November 30th. However, Elon Musk cautioned about the challenges of scaling up production for this vehicle. He also mentioned on Joe Rogan’s podcast that the public doesn’t fully grasp the monumental task of mass production.