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Danny Trejo Photo Reveals Him in Cybertruck Waving Machete

Danny Trejo Photo Reveals Him in Cybertruck Waving Machete

Machete “don’t text”, but he rolls in cutting-edge vehicles. Actor Danny Trejo is the latest celebrity spotted rolling in Tesla’s Cybertruck. Butch McIntosh, the co-founder of Gooch Apparel, shared an image of the veteran actor in the stainless steel vehicle.

The stark black-and-white image shows Danny Trejo playing to the camera while hanging out the driver’s window of a Cybertruck. The actor, famous for portraying tough guys for decades, sports his patented gritted teeth, scowl, and weapon of choice, a machete.

“Had a visit with a legend yesterday. Behind the scenes during a shoot of a friends upcoming documentary “Ex-cons to Icons”,” Gooch wrote alongside the image.

Of course, Trejo starred as the character Machete, a highly skilled ex-Federale, in three screen appearances. These include 2010’s Machete, the 2013 sequel Machete Kills, and the character’s introduction in 2007’s Grindhouse double feature that included Planet Terror and Death Proof.

It’s unclear whether Danny Trejo actually owns a Cybertruck or if this is all just a fun photo opportunity. Regardless, many on social media seem to believe the From Dusk Till Dawn actor used his celebrity status to grab the Tesla hot item before regular consumers.

Social Media Reacts to Danny Trejo’s Cybertruck Image… But is the Vehicle His?

Cybertruck fans took to social media to wring their hands over Danny Trejo hamming it up in the futuristic vehicle. “Wow. So many celebs got their orders in for a CT so early on,” one X user observed. “Ok, once every celebrity gets their Cybertruck, can I get mine?”, another whined.

However, other fans were just thrilled to see Trejo living his best life. “Hell yeah, Danny got a Cybertruck!,” one fan exclaimed. “Photographic evidence it’s the greatest truck ever made,’ another X user quipped.

However, some digging seems to suggest that Trejo may not own the Cybertruck in question. Butch McIntosh, who posted the image of the Machete actor in the vehicle, shared his personal Cybertruck on Instagram on February 15th. “It drives like nothing I’ve ever driven before. It’s pretty incredible actually. Feels like my model 3,” he boasted alongside images and video of the truck.

Danny Trejo is just one of several celebrities spotted in a Cybertruck recently. Kim Kardashian was seen driving her new Cybertruck to Starbucks just last week. Meanwhile, last month, Pharrell Williams joined the ranks of public figures spotted with the Cybertruck.