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Crazy Old Man Jumps In Front Of Biker Going 40 MPH, Attacks Rider

Crazy Old Man Jumps In Front Of Biker Going 40 MPH, Attacks Rider

It’s common sense not to play in the street but some people just never learn, especially this old man in this viral rage video. Except, male Karen was clearly not playing around when he decided to be a menace to the public. YouTube channel SpeedSeekerMoto posted this tense video that was later used in pressing charges against the crazed man.

According to the video description, the motorcyclist had been trying out his new bike on a rural road one day with his girlfriend. He had dropped off his partner while he took off down the street. That’s when things took a turn for the worst.

The beginning of the video starts pretty normally. As we can see by the biker’s GoPro it’s a beautiful day. Big, blue sky and the nice open road with nothing for miles until suddenly an old man starts to waddle into the horizon.

“At first, I thought he was retrieving his mail so I tried to go around via the opposing lane,” said the poster in the video description.

That’s when the old man posts himself up in front of the bike with his arms spread. Thinking quickly, the young man on the bike starts to slow down to about 40 miles per hour. Maybe this strange man was needing some help?


This old guy pushes both hands on the moving bike and forces the biker to the ground! The man and the bike collide with a jolt.

The GoPro footage goes shaky from the impact.

“Dude!” shouted the biker, “What the f**?!”

He turns and sees the old man on the ground as well. Surprisingly still in one piece! Did this guy have a death wish? He just pushed a moving motorcycle to the ground!

Biker Attacked By Crazy Old Man

But before the biker can even get his bearings the crazy old man reaches over the bike and yanks the key out of the ignition!

“You get this f* thing off of this road!” he bellows.

Surprisingly the motorcyclist is an overwhelmingly patient and nice person! Instead of instantly throwing hands and rightfully knocking this old guy out he grabs his phone and calls 911.

“Okay, go for it,” the old man says, really not caring at all.

Talk about the gall of this arrogant Karen.

It’s around this point that the biker realizes that this geezer has just stolen his keys! When he asks for his property back the old man actually shoves him back and tries to get on the bike himself Grand Theft Auto style! More shoving continues but the old man gives up and walks back to his house, keys still in his hands.

I’ll be honest, this young motorcyclist has to be some kind of saint because at this point I would’ve snapped!

Still as cool as a cucumber, he gives the police his location and waits for them to take care of business.

What really takes the cake is when the biker asks the curmudgeon why he attacked him. The old guy complains that he doesn’t like the wheelies he’s been doing. The young man asks if he owns the road. The old man’s response is a resounding, “No, I don’t.”

Boom. End of discussion. Why complain about what a stranger is doing on public property? It’s a free country after all isn’t it?

It’s such a crazy moment of stupidity and arrogance that makes me want to pull my hair out! Who do these people think they are?!

“This guy is off his f* rocker,” the biker says to the 911 dispatcher.

Before long the police show up and try to straighten everything out. In the end, the biker got his keys back, got his girlfriend, and drove off without a hitch.

But the real revenge has to be after the video. The self-assured geezer who called the biker’s bluff got handed a pretty hefty charge thanks to the GoPro footage. Though the full sentences were not shared in the description, SpeedSeekerMoto writes the moron got hit with third-degree theft and disorderly conduct. Sometimes bullies must be taught a lesson! Glad to see that cooler heads certainly prevailed in this situation.