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Christopher Walken Teams Up With Halftime Star Usher in Hilarious BMW Super Bowl Ad

Christopher Walken Teams Up With Halftime Star Usher in Hilarious BMW Super Bowl Ad

BMW showcased the all-new generation of the iconic BMW 5 Series in a 60-second Super Bowl ad, featuring the first-ever, 100%-electric BMW i5. The ad, called “Talkin’ Like Walken,” stars Walken – along with Beef‘s Ashley Park and Super Bowl LVIII halftime performer, Usher.

The 60-second commercial capitalizes on Walken’s instantly recognizable voice and distinctive speech rhythm. It takes us through a typical day in the life of the actor, as he encounters a never-ending stream of imitators along the way – from the hotel valet to the tailor, makeup artist, and even the drive-through barista. Initially perplexed by the mimickers, Walken’s frustration gradually intensifies.

The spot punches out with the Hollywood icon bumping into Usher. “Don’t you got somewhere to be?”, Christopher Walken quips, winking at Usher’s Super Bowl halftime performance.

Christopher Walken and Usher Loved Teaming Up for the Super Bowl Ad

“I really enjoyed working with BMW, they are a wonderful company and electric cars are important,” Walken said in a statement. “It’s an honor of a lifetime to perform at the Super Bowl and so great to work with BMW,” Usher added. “Making the commercial was a cool experience.”

Of course, while Walken and Usher are in front of the camera, some heavy-hitting talent is behind the scenes. BMW’s U.S. creative agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GS&P), created the comedic commercial. Bryan Buckley, a two-time Academy Award nominee, directed it. He’s also no stranger to Super Bowl ads, with 70 Super Bowl commercials to his credit. Cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema (Oppenheimer and Interstellar) handled the photography.

However, the appeal of the Super Bowl commercial is Christopher Walken’s iconic way of speaking. “Christopher Walken is iconic, as is the BMW 5 Series. It’s one icon working with another, creating a synergy of two legendary figures. You wait your whole life to make a campaign like this,” Rich Silverstein, Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of GS&P said. “The reality is everyone has a Walken impression. But there’s only one original.”

To maximize ad coverage before the game, BMW strategically released two ads ahead of the main one. One is a 15-second video featuring Walken driving the car, jamming to Usher’s “Yeah!” The video ends with a shot of the BMW logo and the text “February 11,” cleverly avoiding explicit mentions of the car model or the Super Bowl.

In the second ad, Walken is depicted talking on the phone with an agent. “What’s a teaser?” Walken asks. “So it’s an ad for an ad.” a bemused Walken observes. “Why would they do that?”