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Baby Blue Cybertruck Spotted in California, Internet Goes Crazy Over Pics

Baby Blue Cybertruck Spotted in California, Internet Goes Crazy Over Pics

Cybertruck spottings are on the rise, and a baby blue edition of this futuristic ride has the internet all abuzz. Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt posted images of the unique colored EV online. “Baby blue Cybertruck,” Merritt wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Follower sent me these photos his friend took in CA,” he added.

Predictably, Tesla lovers went gaga over the baby blue Cybertruck. “Damn, why do I like that so much,” one Tesla fan gushed on X. “Def cool and unique,” another X user agreed. One X user speculated that the color scheme might be for the fairer sex. “I think girls will love it very much,” they wrote.

The baby blue Cybertruck also got other Tesla fans’ imaginations spinning. “I’d prefer this blue to be paired with white. That would look so clean!” one exclaimed. “I’m tryna see one with candy paint and rims,” another wished.

Cybertrucks Have Been Available in Multiple Colors For Some Time Now, But the Baby Blue is Custom

Meanwhile, Tesla recently introduced new paint film wraps on its online shop. Still, there’s a catch: currently, only four Tesla service centers in California are offering installation of these colored wraps, as stated on the website. The branches taking part include West Covina, Oceanside, Costa Mesa, and Santa Clara.

Opting for one of the new color options will cost customers an additional $6,500. The base price of the pickup truck, initially coming in a sleek stainless-steel hue from the factories, stands at $60,990.

Tesla customers can select “slip grey” Cybertrucks for $6,000 and “satin rose gold” or “satin abyss blue” for $6,500 through its app. The “stealth black” and “satin ceramic” white wraps have been on the market since December, priced at $6,000 each.

Tesla’s online store describes the urethane-based film as “self-healing.” According to the company, this film offers protection against scratches for the EV and is touted as “more environmentally friendly than traditional vinyl wraps.”

There’s also an entire market for auto detailers personally giving Cybertrucks unique paint jobs. OCDetailing has already showcased several custom paint jobs, including one similar to the baby blue Cybertruck.

The Miami Blue color extends across the front end, doors, pillars, and mirror cases. In the video, the team faced challenges in correctly covering the sharp corners and edges of the angular model. Interestingly, the tonneau cover, capable of bearing up to 300 pounds, remained unaltered.