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Arnold Schwarzenegger Car Crash: New Details Emerge

Arnold Schwarzenegger Car Crash: New Details Emerge

Arnold Schwarzenegger is being sued after his 2022 car crash left one person with long-lasting injuries. 

According to TMZ, a victim in the accident claims Schwarzenegger was driving “wrongfully and recklessly.” She also says she had “shock and injury to her nervous system,” which “will result in some permanent disability.”

The plaintiff is seeking a settlement for “general damages” that will cover medical expenses and more. 

The accident took place on Jan. 21, 2022. Arnold Schwarzenegger was driving his GMC Yukon SUV that day around 5 pm and crashed into a Toyota Prius. His SUV then rolled on top of the Prius before colliding with a Porsche Taycan.

The impact caused the airbags in both Schwarzenegger’s vehicle and the Prius to deploy. The woman in the Prius went to the ER by ambulance because she was bleeding heavily from her head.

The plaintiff alleges she has been experiencing “great physical and nervous pain suffering” since the crash. She also says that she can no longer work due to that pain. 

Schwarzenegger was not injured in the accident, and eyewitnesses claim he rushed to help the others involved in the crash and cooperated with first responders and police officers on the scene. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger Allegedly at Fault in 2022 Car Crash

Daily Mail reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger was at fault in the accident. He was driving about a half-mile from his Brentwood CA home and trying to turn left onto a busy Sunset Boulevard. He pulled out while the left arrow was red. At that same time, the Prius was legally making a U-Turn. Despite the situation, no arrests were made and officers did not give the actor a ticket. 

“Neither alcohol or drugs are suspected as a factor in this collision,” Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department said at the time. “All parties remained at the scene. No further information will be made available.”

It is unclear if the plaintiff is the woman who went to the emergency room that day.