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2025 Dodge Charger Glimpsed in Holiday-Themed Commercial

2025 Dodge Charger Glimpsed in Holiday-Themed Commercial

A new 2025 Dodge Charger was teased in a holiday-themed commercial and here’s a rundown of what it might include. Since the grand reveal of the electric Charger Daytona SRT concept in August 2022, details about the new model have been as elusive as a unicorn at a racetrack. While rumors about the next Charger’s powertrains have been floating around, a new commercial finally gives us a sneak peek at the muscle car’s potential look, albeit in a festively exaggerated form.

The holiday spot unveils the Dodge-branded “Santa’s Naughty List” book. The second page reveals a new red coupe with styling that harks back to the concept. The 2025 Charger flaunts a sleek rectangular slit at the front and a deep C-shaped vent on the hood. The two-door body maintains a touch of practicality, preserving rear headroom for those who want to make memories in the next-gen Charger.

However, the most significant difference can be observed in the headlights. While the concept featured a slender LED strip encircling the rectangular opening, with recessed lights on each side, the production Charger now boasts circular headlights. Additionally, the front bumper has been simplified. It shows a single large opening, and there seems to be the presence of larger side-view mirrors.

The fine print states that this is a “preproduction model shown for illustrative purposes only.” However, it implies that this provides a fairly accurate representation of what can be expected from the upcoming Charger. Additionally, the text reveals that it is likely to become available in late 2024. This suggests a potential delay in its release to the 2025 model year, contrary to the original expectation of a 2024 release.

Dodge’s Christmas Tease of the 2025 Charger Goes Beyond Marketing Tactics

Dodge’s decision to feature the Charger in a cartoon commercial goes beyond marketing tactics. Of course, it strategically sparks interest among devoted fans and the wider car community. The commercial hints at the sleek contours, style, and essence of the upcoming Charger, leaving viewers craving more details.

For fans of the Dodge Charger, this commercial is not just a holiday treat. It’s a fun glimpse into what’s to come. The anticipation for the upcoming generation of the Charger has reached unprecedented heights. Dodge successfully stoked the excitement for one of the most eagerly anticipated car launches in recent memory.