Cop Drives Speeder A Hundred Miles To Be With Grieving Family Members

Back to news Published 4 months ago Written By Jacqueline Parks
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When Mark Ross got notice that his sister had died in a car accident, he immediately looked to find a ride so that he could be with his family in Detroit. After finding a willing driver, they hurried on their way a little after 3 a.m. but were pulled over for speeding still 100 miles from their goal.

Ross knew that there was a warrant out for his arrest and was sad at the thought of not being able to go be with his grieving mother. Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant David Robison saw Ross's plight and gave Ross a ride so that he could be with his family and provide comfort in their time of need.

Ross was in Indiana when he found out about his teenage sister's death. He did not have a car and set out to convince an acquaintance to give him a lift to Detroit where his mother resided. While driving in Ohio, the flashing lights of a police car caused Ross to despair of ever getting to Detroit. Knowing about the outstanding warrant, Ross assumed he would be taken into custody. Trooper J. Davis pulled the car over for speeding and took the driver, who was also wanted on a warrant and had a suspended license, into custody. The car was towed. According to Ross, he was not taken into custody because the police in Wayne county said the distance was too far to serve the petty warrant at that time. When Sergeant Robison appeared on the scene, Ross was distraught and broke down in tears while telling Robison his story.

Ross shared his story including what happened next in a Facebook post. He said that Robison showed compassion towards him and prayed over Ross for both him and his family. Robison then drove Ross over 100 miles to meet his cousin in a Detroit cafe giving him the opportunity to provide his family with support during their period of mourning. Ross stated that he had previously disliked cops but that Robison gave him hope. His story went viral as many people shared it on their own Facebook timelines spreading hope beyond Ross's personal family and friends.

Read Ross's Facebook post here.

Ross and his family expressed gratitude to Robison for his help in delivering Ross safely to Detroit and praised Robison's generosity. Sergeant Robison responded with more compassion toward the family and a promise to attend the funeral. Many readers responded to Ross's Facebook post and over 80,000 readers chose to share it. Contemporary issues including police and community interactions can be very complicated. It is nice to see touching stories like this that show compassion and generosity in difficult times.

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