5 Features To Look Out For In Your Next Vehicle

Back to tips-advice Published 5 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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Heated Seats

Having heated seats during the winter is amazing. They make even the most basic car feel like a premium vehicle. Although most of us don’t think of our cars as the cosiest place in the winter, heated seats will transform your vehicle into a warm, comfortable and dare we say it, cozy retreat. It’ll make the winter months that much more bearable.

Heated Car Seats

Heated Seats

Assuming you live in a place with four distinct seasons, adjusting the intensity of the heat allows for three season use of the feature.

Heated Windshield

Just like your rear windshield, your front windshield can be heated. It’s another feature that can make you feel so much better during winter months. It helps you clear snow and ice, prevents fogging and saves the environment as you’ll use less washer fluid with antifreeze properties, which is typically made from methanol or ethanol. The thin wires embedded in your windshield might take some getting used to, but know they’re designed to be as minimally distracting as possible.


Especially now that Apple has removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, your older AUX connection or shudder cassette adapter just won’t cut it. We’re living in a wireless world, and your car should too. Automakers should be making it easy for you to connect your phones to the vehicle, at the very least as a safety feature to ensure that every driver keeps their eyes off their phones and on the road. Aftermarket audio systems aren’t great, so keep Bluetooth at top-of-mind when searching for your next vehicle.

Steering Wheel Controls Behind the Steering Wheel

Steering wheel controls are great as they enable drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road while adjusting audio settings or cruise control. The problem, though, is that many automakers place the controls on the front of the steering wheel causing you to look down to find the button, which defeats one of the main purposes of the feature. Certain automakers place these controls on the back of the steering wheel, forcing you to learn the placement of these buttons and allowing you to adjust your vehicle’s settings without taking your eyes off the road.

Woman Holding Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Controls

We're big fans of controls behind the steering wheel as they force you to learn their functionality from memory, allowing you to keep your focus on the road.

Rearview Camera

The fact that all new vehicles sold in the United States after May 1, 2018 must have rearview cameras tells you that it’s an important safety feature. A rearview camera helps you avoid obstacles, helps you park and has been proven to contribute to the collective safety of pedestrians.

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