18 States Where The Freeway is Truly Free

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Are you going to be doing some traveling this holiday season? If so, make sure you remember to have some extra change or cash in your car to afford all of the random tolls that you will experience along the way. Or, you can just drive through these states with toll-free interstate highways to save you some money. Nothing is worse than pulling up to a toll plaza without money to cover the toll, so plan ahead!


If you are traveling along the west coast, your trip through Oregon will be toll free. Enjoy the wonderful scenery along your way!


Arizona isn't the only state with a scenic canyon, though Nevada's isn't quite as grand. Nevada is a state without any toll roads on their highways as well, which makes it a perfect pass through to California during the holidays.


There is no need to take the scenic route through the Grand Canyon to avoid the toll roads. Zoom through the highways without any worries of spending money on tolls.

New Mexico

Don't expect your money to be abducted by any toll roads in this state. New Mexico has a lot more other-worldly topics to concentrate on rather than tolling their interstates.


Here is a state you can trust. They have absolutely no toll roads. They rely on the tax dollars of their citizens to pay for roads rather than tolls.


While Michigan has a lot of great fresh water, Wyoming has a lot of great fresh air. You can breath in that fresh air deeply knowing that there are no toll roads on your journey out west.


If you decide to visit your family in Canada this winter, then be sure to go through Montana to avoid the tolls. Or just go enjoy the wide open roads.

North Dakota

Need to pass through the great plains to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family? Be sure to pass through North Dakota if you want to avoid tolls. The wide open roads may encourage you to speed though, so watch out for the Highway Patrol.

South Dakota

Just like its northern counterpart, South Dakota is free of any highway tolls. So stop by Mount Rushmore on your journey home for the holidays.


There's no satisfaction like driving east to west across the US while avoiding toll roads. If you are looking for a state to go through on the way without any worry of tolls, then Iowa is definitely the state for you.


A state that truly stands by its people-first mentality of the "Show Me State," it is truly toll free. The state is crisscrossed by nine major interstates of varying lengths to get you home the for the holidays, but you won't have to pay a penny in tolls to get there.


If you are travelling across the nation to visit family for Thanksgiving but also want to avoid tolls at all costs, then be sure to direct yourself through Arkansas. You may be late for dinner this year, but at least you still have enough money to buy presents for your family members.


If you are traveling from Virginia to Texas for a major Thanksgiving feast, then add Mississippi to the list of states to travel through. They have no tolls, so the only thing you would have to worry about is how much you are going to eat when you get there.


The strong state of Tennessee has absolutely no toll interstates. This can be especially calming to those who are traveling through the mountainous terrain of eastern Tennessee.


This state may be a nice place to visit during Christmas time. This state is also a cheap place without tolls. Keep your eyes out for badgers when you get close to Madison though.


While driving through Michigan, you will enjoy the beautiful views of their freshwater lakes. You will also enjoy these views without having to worry about tolls on the highways you travel on.

Rhode Island

This little state may not have as many roads as other states, but it definitely allows people to drive around freely on the roads it does have.


Traveling up to Maine for Christmas? Then it should be easy to breeze through Vermont both because it is a small state and there are no toll roads to worry about.

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