17 Lemons We Can't Believe Were Ever Sold

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Not every idea is a great one. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't keep trying, but in the case of these cars, it might have been nice if some more time had been spent on research and development. These cars just couldn't make the cut.

Ford Pinto

This car was never easy on the eyes (some say it was the ugliest vehicle ever made), but its fatal flaw was the position of its gas tank that was linked to vehicle fires. After 10 years on the road, Ford mercifully killed the Pinto in 1980.

Chevy Corvair

When then this car debuted in 1960, its rear-engine and rakish good looks turned heads. Unfortunately, the Corvair later served as Exhibit A in Ralph Nader's book "Unsafe at Any Speed," which exposed a design flaw in the vehicle that led to oversteering and single-vehicle accidents.

Ford Festiva

This tragically underpowered economy car got great gas mileage but had little else going for it. The vehicle was also cheap in more than just its price with its flimsy body design routinely ranking it at the of bottom of safety rankings.


The Yugo should win the prize for the worst car ever made. The cramped compact had a plethora of problems from size restraints to engine failures. It seems many owners spent more time walking than driving when they owned these cars.

AMC Pacer

Built along the lines of the Ford Pinto, this hatchback with its "jellybean" styling was popular at first but quickly fizzled with its production run lasting just five years. One of the problems with Pacer was its weight and lackluster engine that made this iconic-looking vehicle a real dog.

Pontiac Fiero

The Fiero was the sporty number that everybody wanted. However, its ability to get someone from point A to point B was an issue. Known as one of the most plagued cars on the market, finding a used one these days that runs is next to impossible.

Pontiac Sunbird

Sure it had an 18-year run, but running was one of its biggest issues. This car was plagued with mechanical problems and had high maintenance costs.

Ford Escort

This is another car that had a nice long run on the assembly line. However, it was a cheap car that while known for dependability, seemed to turn into a rust bucket. The engine lasted longer than the body of the cars.

Plymouth Reliant

One of the "K-Car" series from Chrysler, these boxy vehicles looked like they were designed by a three-year-olds drawing of a "car." The Reliant had more mechanical issues than most other cars making it one of the worst choices around.Though at least it inspired some art, with popular rock band, Relient K, taking its name from the vehicle.

Dodge Daytona

It’s a sports car and family sedan all rolled into one. The only problem was that getting in and out of this car was next to impossible. Made for speed, this car was one that had a brief run, but never got far.

Oldsmobile Achieva

The Achieva was a car that had a unique look. However, constant recalls and engine problems made this one too good to be true. Some models looked better than others; it had major facelifts over the years.

Volkswagen Transporter Van

These vans have a look all their own. Used in famous cartoons and part of iconic history, they didn’t provide a good ride or a good look. The rear engine van was an epic failure, but they have definitely gained a cult following.

Fiat Multipla

The old joke around repair shops is that Fiat is Italian for "Fix It Again, Tony." And while Fiat has had a few quirky and unreliable cars over the years, none was weirder (or uglier) than the Multipla.

Chevy Caprice

Another car classified as a boat, the Caprice took up more space in the driveway than two cars. They were not economical to operate and a hassle to work on so they didn't last long.

Honda Civic CRX

This chopped off version of the Civic was nothing but small. It lacked the back seat and the lack of trunk space was a huge turn off. It may have looked sporty, but it lacked the charm of the original Civic.

Ford Crown Victoria

This larger than life car was made for the police, but wound up as a luxury car used by corporate execs. It was simply too big and a major gas hog.

Mitsubishi Montero

This SUV was a popular seller but had numerous flaws. When Mitsubishi attempted to hide its higher than normal rollover rates, sales for the new car tanked. To date the manufacturing has been halted and Mitsubishi has lost a lot of money on this venture.

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