17 Country Songs About Trucks

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There are some recurring themes in country music, and pickups are one of them. Country living is full of truck driving, beer drinking cowboys and country music lovers know it. Here are the top country songs featuring pickups.

Tim McGraw "Truck Yeah”

The lyrics are perfect for discussing the life of a redneck and a night of partying and having fun. The song is perfect for anyone driving a truck and who may have a little redneck in them.

Kip Moore "Somethin' Bout A Truck”

This song discusses the importance of having a truck, a lady, and an ice cold beer by your side. The lyrics are beautifully written and could be played in numerous social settings.

Toby Keith "Big 'Ol Truck”

The lyrics suggest he notices a woman driving a big pickup truck and is fascinated by her and her truck. All he seems to care about is meeting the lovely lady and driving her big truck.

Brad Paisley "Mud On the Tires"

The song starts by purchasing a new truck and being so excited and full of life. The night is a beautiful and crisp one waiting for him and his lovely lady to enjoy a beautiful ride and wonderful night together away from everyone by the lake.

Lee Brice "I Drive Your Truck"

The lyrics produce a heartwarming and touching song about someone who has lost someone very dear to them. In the song he sings about taking the deceased truck and driving around with the windows down and screeching tires in an empty lot hoping to mask some of the pain.

He says he hopes and prays that the deceased doesn't mind him driving their truck.

Joe Diffie "Pickup Man"

The song explains the importance of a pick up truck in his life. Ever since he could remember he had a truck. He noticed throughout the years that no matter what type of truck he had, he always grabbed the attention of the ladies.

It seems that women love a man in a pick up truck. He sings about how it doesn't matter what the truck looks like, but how it drives and he would rather drive a burned up truck than a car.

Dierks Bentley "Cab of My Truck"

The lyrics in this song explain how the country life is and how important it is to have a pick up truck. Everything seems to happen in the cab of the truck, and all the best memories are created within the truck.

Living life to having fun and maintaining a relationship all happen in the inside of the cab of his truck.

Luke Bryan "We Rode In Trucks"

This song is a summary of how he grew up and how they did things where he is from. He expresses how simple and grounded country living was and how it helped to raise him into the man he has become. Throughout the song he reminisces how important having a truck was to help with the daily activities of life on the farm.

Trace Adkins "Rough and Ready"

This song has the artist take a good look at himself and reflect on his life and what type of man he has become. His cowboy life is a life he appreciates and loves. He also explains the type of woman he wants in his life and how everything is the way it should be.

Brooks And Dunn "Hillbillie Deluxe"

The song talks about what it's like to live in a small country town and what kind of things go on and what types of activities take place. They talk about the importance of riding around in pickup trucks and how having a sweet lady by your side is one of the best things about living the country life.

Randy Houser "How Country Feels"

The lyrics explains how a cowboy meets a city girl who has never done anything country, and how he exposes her to the country life and the popular things to do. He talks about riding in the pickup truck and watching the sun setting and rising.

He explains how country life is and what it's all about.

Jake Owen "Eight Second Ride"

This song talks about a man and woman who meet in a club and leave together in his big pickup which the woman seemed very intrigued by. The guy noticed she sings every song he plays on the radio and he realizes this is the girl for him.

The two spend the night together making love on the tailgate of the truck and enjoying each others company.

Reba McEntire "I Want a Cowboy"

The lyrics suggest she is looking for the perfect guy to call her own. She has a certain type of man that she is looking for, which involves strictly cowboy things. He must wear wranglers, drive a pickup, and be a rugged bull riding kind of man to please her heart.

Sara Evans "Suds in the Bucket"

This song sings about a young girl in love who is only 18 years old and foolishly takes off with a man in a pickup truck. She only leaves a short simple explanation for her parents in a note which leaves her parents shocked and confused.

They wonder how such a young straight-laced girl could leave like this without saying anything to them.

Shania Twain "You Win My Love"

The song goes on with the intent of her looking for the perfect man for her to share her life with. She says it doesn't matter what kind of truck he drives or even if he drives a car as long as he can rev his engine and get her going in the love department.

Shenandoah "Next To You, Next To Me"

The lyrics talk about how nothing else is important but the love experienced between two people. The song states how the hope of growing old together is a happy thought and nothing else matters. Money and material possessions mean nothing if you are not happy and in love with the person that makes your heart sing.

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