17 Cars Infamously Ruined By Their Names

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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A lot of thought goes in to the process of naming a car, but sometimes a few names slip through the cracks. Take a look at these gems that made it to the production line.

Buick LaCrosse

Many people will think of the sport when asked about Buick LaCrosse, that is, unless you are from Quebec. Teenagers from Quebec use the word "lacrosse" as slang for "to masturbate." No one really noticed the coincidence until headlines started calling the car the "Buick Masturbator."

Ford Probe

Originally scheduled to be the replacement for the Mustang, The Probe was doomed from the start. While their first (and biggest) mistake was replacing Ford's iconic brand, naming the car after an "investigation technique" used by aliens was a poor choice.

AMC Matador

Meant as an homage to bullfighting, the word "matador" roughly translates to "killer." It's kind of hard to market a car that plays on the sport of killing bulls.

Jaguar 420

During the late '60s, the 420 was the height of luxury from Jaguar. Now, if you can get past all the stoners snickering when you mention the name, this car is for you.

Diahatsu Scat

This affordable off-road vehicle got the short end of the stick when it came down to it's name. If you are not familiar with what the alternative meaning of the word "scat" is, go ahead and Google it — just be warned, some definitions are not necessarily safe for work.

Nissan Moco

"Moco" translates to 'mucus" in Spanish. Now who wants to drive around in the Nissan Mucus?

Chevy Nova

The Chevy Nova sold so poorly in Latin America that there was a rumor the name had something to do with it. "No va" translates to "no go" in Spanish. Taken literally, prospective buyers may have likened the name to the performance of the car.

Ford Escort

Ford started using the name "Escort" as a reference to a stripped down version of a previous model. Now, without going in to much detail on the term — "escort" is a commonly used name for a high-end prostitute.

Studebaker Dictator

Studebaker had no way of knowing what the future was going to hold, but naming a car "Dictator" wasn't the best idea — or did they? Continuing to sell the car in Germany during the 1930s and into the 1940s also was not the brightest of moves.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The "Pajero" is another car that will have immature little boys rolling with laughter. "Pajero" is a Spanish adjective that means something rude in Spanish, which is the reason why the name was changed to "Mitsubishi Montero" in England.

Mazda Laputa

If you were a immature kid in Spanish class or know one that is currently taking the class, chances are that you know what the word Laputa, less the "la", means in Spanish.

Dodge Dart Swinger

The Dart Swinger was released in a different era, but the name still holds its bearings today. We assume the car gained, and then subsequently slowly lost its popularity as it was passed around by some very close "friends."

Opel Ascona

This one is sort of a stretch, but still deserves to be listed. In Portugese "ascona" sounds somewhat similar to "a xana," which itself translates to a slang word for a woman's nether-region. Whether it translates to that word or not, it's hard to shake off that kind of name.

Nissan Homy Super Long

There's really no play on words here with the "Homy Super Long," it's in fact very straightforward. The "Homy Super Long" just sounds like you are trying to mash as many words together as possible — next they will come out with the "Big Extreme Awesome."

Skoda Yeti

Naming a car after a mythical creature is one thing, but naming it after the abominable snowman is another. As you might know, "abominable" means to "cause moral revulsion" — something that you don't want your car to be associated with.

Renault Wind

Not a bad little car, but the terrible puns will kill any desire to own one. Unless you like hearing "just passed a little Wind" every time you drive, stay away.


There is really no need to explain why the Hummer is on this list. Starting out as the main mode of transportation of the Army, the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (or Humvee for short) was awarded the nickname "hummer." Really? They couldn't think of anything better?

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