13 Parking Lot Guidelines That Every Driver Needs To Follow

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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Parking in a crowded lot can be a real stressful task for most drivers, and this stress is usually caused by people who are unaware or just simply ignore all the rules of common parking courtesy. Whether you are one of those people — or you know someone who is — follow these rules to become a master of the parking lot!

Don't Block Someone's Trunk

Stay clear of the stripe that outlines your space from all angles. Pulling just an inch over the line will cause trouble for the other person trying to access their trunk or tailgate.

Never Leave A Shopping Cart Unattended

Don't know why this is such a hassle for people, all you have to do is push it a little further to put it in the gates. It's amazing what damage a little cart can do when it gets blown by the wind.

Don't Park Unevenly

It's inevitable that you will have to pull in to a space at an awkward angle, but do the right thing and straighten it up.

Use Your Turn Signal To Park

Just a simple flick of your finger will help make your intentions clear that you are about to park — especially if you are about to parallel park!

Don't Take Up Multiple Spots

It doesn't matter if you drive a Rolls-Royce or a Dodge, there is no reason you should ever take up more than one spot. EVER!

Park Further Out If You Can

If you are worried about people possibly denting your car — park further out where no one else parks. Unless you are disabled, you can walk the extra few feet.

Always Pay Attention When Backing Out Of A Spot

Even if you are paying attention to what's going on around you, there are still things that we all miss (even with backup cameras). Back out slowly to let other cars know you are ready to leave.

Don't Park In A Designated Spot That You Don't Belong In

Maybe one of the most aggravating things about parking is when someone parks in the wrong spot. Handicapped, electric and all other designated spots are reserved for people who need them — they are not there for you to save a few extra steps.

Never Touch Someone's Car

You might have just thought of the funniest thing to write on someone's dusty car and know your friends will get a kick out of it, but just say no. If the car doesn't belong to you then you have no right to touch it.

Make Sure Your Car Isn't Hidden

If you drive a smaller car, you can't help it when you get surrounded by two bigger vehicles, but you can prevent your car from being hidden between them. Don't pull all the way up to the front of the spot.Leave your car somewhere in the middle or towards the back to prevent any accidents.

Don't Follow People To Their Car For A Spot

This is just creepy. No one wants to feel like they are being watched and that's exactly what happens when you follow someone to their car. Be patient and look for another space.

Don't Park Too Close To Another Car

You are just asking to get dented (and be called a douche) when you park unreasonably close to another car. If you can't easily get out of both sides of the car, it's time to look for another spot.

Always Cross Quickly When A Car Lets You Go

Whenever you get waved on by a car in a crosswalk, please pass with some sense of urgency; this is not the time to bend down and tie your shoes or talk to your friends. You wouldn't want someone to do that to you, right?

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