13 High Class Features Found On Luxury Cars

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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When people buy cars, whether they make one large payment, or finance it over multiple years, they want to enjoy the vehicle they drive. The level of bliss, enjoyment, and luxury vary from person to person, but the sheer comfort or indulgence makes it worth it to the purchaser. Alain de Botton said, "The materialistic view of the happiness of our age is starkly revealed in our understanding of the word "luxury."

Steering Wheel Warmer

This may seem over-the-top, but on those arctic, windy days when you're sitting in the car waiting for the heat, your hands will warm up as soon as your hands touch the steering wheel.

Seat Massager

This is just what the doctor ordered for those long road trips. In a few luxury cars, the massage seats include at least six different settings.

Seat Coolers

Who says you can't feel like you're in a swimming pool while driving? Seat coolers are just as desired as seat warmers. Yes, many cars have seat warmers, but seat coolers are refreshing on a muggy, humid day.

Seatbelt Extender

The extender makes it so much easier to get into the car, especially if you are wearing a heavy winter coat over a sweater. Right after you close the door, the extender makes it easier for you to grab the seat belt. If you have a disability, the ease of reaching is even more valuable.

Hydrophobic Windows

The Kia Cadenza incorporates treated windows for those who refuse to stop and get out of a thunderstorm. It diffuses the water so the driver can see better in a downpour.

Powered Trunk/Lift Gate

Yes, you can open most car trunks by pushing a button, but pushing a button to close the trunk or lift gate is a convenient and magnificent feature as well.

Honda Vac

The 2014 Honda Odyssey minivan offers a built-in vacuum cleaner. It's located in the back near the cargo area. The vacuum comes with a replaceable filter, canister bag, attachments, and an integrated hose. This incredible feature stretches from the front to the back and according to Honda, "every corner" of the minivan.

Lamb's Wool Floor Mat

This luxury item is found in several high profile vehicles. Make sure you don't get lulled to sleep by the fluffy soft and creamy material.

Gentleman Function

BMW offers this feature for the driver. It allows the driver to control the passenger seat in the event a seat needs to be moved for easier entry to the passenger seat, or even potentially the rear seat behind it.

Info-tainment Pack

Bentley includes iPads, keyboards, two in-headset screens, plus a 12-inch drop down screen in their info-tainment packs.

Granite Trim

Mercedes offers the gear shift and side door panels in stone. This does add an extra degree of class to an already classy car.

Illuminated Vents

Mercedes unveiled illuminated vents that light up depending on the temperature of air being blown out.

Auto Lane Keeping

The Mercedes-Benz keeps an "electric eye" on the road for the driver. If the driver can trust the cameras and sensors, they have a car that can almost drive itself.

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