13 Genius Hacks For Your Car Interior

Back to general Published 7 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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We are constantly improving the features in cars' interiors. You don't have to spend big money to get the most enviable ride. Frugally hack your car into a driver friendly paradise of convenience with these genius projects!

Dream A Cup Holder’s Dream

Cars these days just don’t have great cup holders. Most modern cars place their cup holders out of reach or mock our larger beverages with shallow drink wells. Many cars don’t even bother to stock more than one. Enter the add on cup holder. Pictured on the left is a door mounted option, which places the drink at a modest height near the steering wheel. On the right, a sleek pleather option to fit under the center console.

Keep Your Change With Minty Convenience

You might have thought that 50 piece gum dispenser calmed your mint craving tens of pieces ago, but don’t throw it away empty just yet. These things were designed for cup holders, and frankly where better to put your spare change than in these freshest of containers. No fishing for a grimy nickel to make exact change…instead, hand them one of your mint editions!

Can It With Ease

Ever wish your back seats could throne something more dignified than yesterday’s McDonalds? Well, all you serial rubbish purveyors, there is a solution on the horizon and the proof’s in the cereal container. A resealable plastic food container coupled with a grocery sized bag makes for a perfect dispenser that doubles as a odor and trash sealer. Repurpose and Organize With Convenient Bag Storage

Wet napkins are already great for miscellaneous car care, but their ultra convenient design allows for another perfect use for the otherwise empty container: bags. Trash bags, organizer bags, carrying bags, or even pooper scooper bags are now at hand in the easy to store design you are used to. Sneezing Coughing Coffee

Tissue boxes are for squares, not cup holders. The next time you go out for a cup of Joe consider it a secondary aid to warming your sniffles away. Cut a small hole in the lid of an empty to go cup and stuff it with tissues for easy access on the road.

Keep Pizzas Warm

Ever curse the pizza gods for pitting you behind that slow roller of a truck on the way home from the takeout joint? Sure, we like cold pizza sometimes too, but a pizza lover like you should know that a seat warmer keeps even a kinda recently purchased pizza hot and fresh. Connect Your Tunes

If you are one of many trapped inside a bucket of bolts with only an AM/FM tuner and CD/cassette combo, ready your music library to finally be freed. If you own a smart phone or mp3 player, there are a large range of options for pairing your tunes with an in-car audio system. Although a direct auxiliary line is preferred, most times an FM/Bluetooth transmitter or cassette adapter will channel your choice of beautiful audio straight to your car speakers.

A Phone Mount For A Dollar

Fiddling with office supplies has engineered the latest in frugal car hacks. For around a dollar’s worth of binder clip, string, and rubber band one can craft their own sturdy car phone mount. Disassemble a large binder clip, bend clips on their ends so that they will face each other, reassemble and cover clips with yarn to protect from scratches, twist a rubber band over each end to provide reverse tension, and voila! You have completed your handy and sturdy car mount for convenient attachment in your car’s AC vent.

Reroute Your Windshield Water

Parched in the car and wish you had an office water dispenser at hand? Rewire or add a hose to a water filled windshield wash tank and feed it into your vehicle for an ultra handy fill up of crisp water any time.

Add a Moveable Shade

If your in car visors just won’t cut it, a replaceable shade shield can be slapped anywhere on the window through which an annoying sunlight is instantly tamed for your thankful eyes. Size one for your passenger seats as a convenience for fellow travelers when heading North or South during the beginning or end of the day.

Charge Faster With A More Powerful USB Charger

While car chargers aren’t exactly a new invention, buying the most efficient (or stylish) charger will certainly boost your car’s utility down the road. Not all car chargers are built equal! Check the amp rating on the packaging for a reference of how quickly it will charge your devices. A higher rating is always better, with around a 4.8 or 5 amp being the quality standard these days.

DIY Interior Lighting

Most car interiors aren’t exactly the easiest to navigate at night. Brighten and add subtle ambiance to an otherwise pitch black night time drive/lost key finding escapade with a few sets of colored LEDs that run easily from your car’s dash wiring. Cool blue or red add a calming, useful, soft source light to your flooring. Just be wary of installing black lights. Car stains won’t stay invisible under those.

Raise The Roof With DIY Sound Dampening

When you try to blast the sound in your car, does it rattle instead? No, your speakers are not likely broken. Instead, it’s all of the metal in your car doors and other construction that rattles when your speakers vibrate to produce sound. No need to replace your sound system or call a sound technician though! If you can brave a slight smell of new asphalt for a few weeks then one DIYer recommends using adhesive peel roof sealer around the speakers and other trouble areas in your car to dampen those vibrations.

Bungee Storage

If you run out of room in your trunk, add a bungee net to store items near the roof of your car. Turn Ashtray Into Docking Station

If you drive an old car, you probably don't have a good place to set your phone while driving. If that is the case, just use your ashtray as a phone dock! Remove all the stuff on the inside and drill a small hole in the bottom for the cords to be routed through.

Magna Doodle Meal Time

If you are eating on the run, you can use your child's Magna Doodle as a fill in food tray to avoid as many crumbs as possible!

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