10 Most Requested Car Features

Back to general Published 5 months ago Written By Odometer Team
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Every year, car buyers spend millions of dollars on extra car features for their new vehicles. Additional features can range from an optional AC system, all the way up to assisted driving technology. Listed below are the top requested car features consumers want installed on their new vehicles.

1/10 Blind Spot Detection

A blind spot is an area outside of the car that the driver cannot see and may be caused by a window pillar, headrests, or even a passenger. Some automobiles may have a blind spot so bad it can block out an entire vehicle driving next to them, making changing lanes difficult

2/10 Cruise Control

Cruise control settings allow drivers to set their speed, and the system will take over their throttle control and maintain the vehicle at a steady speed as set by the driver. This feature is typically included on most vehicles without extra costs, but that is not always the case.

3/10 4 Wheel Drive

4 wheel drive is typically installed on trucks, jeeps, and SUVs that go off road or drive in muddy construction sites where getting stuck is a possibility. When the 4 wheel drive system is activated, it allows all 4 tires to get torque from the engine and spin and the same time, which allows the vehicle to have a better grip when driving on uneven terrain and muddy surfaces.

4/10 Heated Seats

Heated seats are typically extra and have to be requested, although in some luxury vehicles they come standard. Heated seats keep a driver's butt warm on cold frigid days. Heated seats are great for winter traveling and cold mornings leaving for work or school.

5/10 Automatic Transmission

Vehicles come equipped with either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions automatically change the vehicle's gears as the car moves, which frees the driver from having to manually shift.

6/10 Movie Players and Screens

Movie players typically have to be ordered extra when buying an automobile, or purchased after market and installed. They allow a driver to play movies in their vehicle that will be shown on screens typically located on the back of the front seats.

7/10 Sunroof

Sunroofs have been a popular car feature for quite some time and were first offered by the Nash Motor Company in 1937. Sun roofs are installed on top of the car and allow fresh air and light in when opened.

8/10 Navigation System

Navigation systems allow drivers to get directions to a destination without having to deal with a wrinkly map that keeps folding up on them. The system works by simply plugging in a desired destination or telling the system where to go.

9/10 Leather Seats

Leather seats are typically included on luxury vehicles, but most standard vehicles come with the more standard cloth. Most vehicles can be upgraded to leather seats easily. Leather seats are typically a preference of the driver, while some suggest they are more comfortable than cloth.

10/10 Third Row Seats

Third row seating is an option mainly available on SUVs. It allows for an extra row of seats to be installed in the rear of the vehicle. The third row seats are often moveable or can be folded down for more cargo space if needed.

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